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cathepsin K;
cathepsin O and cathepsin X (both misleading, having been used for other enzymes);
cathepsin O2
Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases);
Cysteine endopeptidases
BRITE hierarchy
Broad proteolytic activity. With small-molecule substrates and inhibitors, the major determinant of specificity is P2, which is preferably Leu, Met > Phe, and not Arg
Prominently expressed in mammalian osteoclasts, and believed to play a role in bone resorption. In peptidase family C1 (papain family)
EC created 1997
K01371  cathepsin K
HSA: 1513(CTSK)
PTR: 457278(CTSK)
PPS: 100974656(CTSK)
GGO: 101145486(CTSK)
PON: 100432447(CTSK)
NLE: 100580351(CTSK)
MCC: 574112(CTSK)
MCF: 102120416(CTSK)
CSAB: 103247207(CTSK)
RRO: 104681068(CTSK)
RBB: 108533261(CTSK)
CJC: 100410169(CTSK)
SBQ: 101045222(CTSK)
MMU: 13038(Ctsk)
MCAL: 110291053(Ctsk)
MPAH: 110320301(Ctsk)
RNO: 29175(Ctsk)
MUN: 110541001(Ctsk)
CGE: 100765407(Ctsk) 113833185
NGI: 103729102(Ctsk)
HGL: 101716993(Ctsk)
CCAN: 109681204(Ctsk)
OCU: 100009334(CTSK)
TUP: 102469152(CTSK)
CFA: 608843(CTSK)
VVP: 112907784(CTSK)
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DME: Dmel_CG4847(CG4847)
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EGL: EGR_02195
CRB: 17875720
CIT: 102620117
NAU: 109220629
ATR: 18442240
DFA: DFA_03112
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1  [PMID:7818555]
Inaoka T, Bilbe G, Ishibashi O, Tezuka K, Kumegawa M, Kokubo T.
Molecular cloning of human cDNA for cathepsin K: novel cysteine proteinase predominantly expressed in bone.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun 206:89-96 (1995)
2  [PMID:8647860]
Bossard MJ, Tomaszek TA, Thompson SK, Amegadzie BY, Hanning CR, Jones C, Kurdyla JT, McNulty DE, Drake FH, Gowen M, Levy MA.
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J Biol Chem 271:12517-24 (1996)
3  [PMID:8670136]
Bromme D, Klaus JL, Okamoto K, Rasnick D, Palmer JT.
Peptidyl vinyl sulphones: a new class of potent and selective cysteine protease inhibitors: S2P2 specificity of human cathepsin O2 in comparison with cathepsins S and L.
Biochem J 315 ( Pt 1):85-9 (1996)
4  [PMID:9033588]
Zhao B, Janson CA, Amegadzie BY, D'Alessio K, Griffin C, Hanning CR, Jones C, Kurdyla J, McQueney M, Qiu X, Smith WW, Abdel-Meguid SS.
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Nat Struct Biol 4:109-11 (1997)
5  [PMID:9033587]
McGrath ME, Klaus JL, Barnes MG, Bromme D.
Crystal structure of human cathepsin K complexed with a potent inhibitor.
Nat Struct Biol 4:105-9 (1997)
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