EC                Enzyme                                 

bleomycin hydrolase;
aminopeptidase C (Lactococcus lactis) [4]
Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases);
Cysteine endopeptidases
Inactivates bleomycin B2 (a cytotoxic glycometallopeptide) by hydrolysis of a carboxyamide bond of beta-aminoalanine, but also shows general aminopeptidase activity. The specificity varies somewhat with source, but amino acid arylamides of Met, Leu and Ala are preferred [1]
The molecule is a homohexamer in which the monomers have a papain-like tertiary structure (in peptidase family C1). The active sites are on the walls of a central channel through the molecule, and access of substrate molecules to them is obstructed by this and by the C-terminus of each polypeptide chain [3]. Bleomycin can scarcely be the natural substrate, and there are reports of limited endopeptidase activity. Known from bacteria as well as eukaryotic organisms. Hydrolase H from chicken muscle has many similarities to bleomycin hydrolase, but hydrolyses Ph-CO-Arg-2-naphthylamine as well as aminopeptidase substrates [2].
EC created 2000
K01372  bleomycin hydrolase
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PCAT: Pcatena_12840(pepC)
CBAC: JI75_05630
MFF: MFFC18_24750(pepC)
TPA: TP_0112
TPW: TPANIC_0112(pepC)
TPP: TPASS_0112(pepC)
TPU: TPADAL_0112(pepC)
TPO: TPAMA_0112(pepC)
TPC: TPECDC2_0112(pepC)
TPG: TPEGAU_0112(pepC)
TPM: TPESAMD_0112(pepC)
TPB: TPFB_0112(pepC)
TPL: TPCCA_0112(pepC)
SMF: Smon_1289
BTH: BT_1161
BTHO: Btheta7330_02732(pepC_2)
BFR: BF2010
BVU: BVU_3228
BXY: BXY_07430
BOA: Bovatus_00501(pepE_1)
BCEL: BcellWH2_00619(pepE_1)
PGI: PG_1605(pepC)
PGN: PGN_0508
PGT: PGTDC60_0696(pepC)
PCRE: NCTC12858_01591(pepC)
PCAG: NCTC12856_02100(pepE_2)
PRU: PRU_0548(pepC)
POC: NCTC13071_00048(pepC)
AFD: Alfi_1645
ASH: AL1_17240
BACC: BRDCF_p1166(pepC)
DORI: FH5T_14480
FLN: FLA_6015
SGN: SGRA_2848(pepC)
PHE: Phep_3630
SMIZ: 4412673_00444(pepC)
FLM: MY04_2411
FPS: FP2369(pepC)
FJO: Fjoh_1152
FJG: BB050_01452(pepC)
FBR: FBFL15_1467(pepC)
COC: Coch_1729
RAI: RA0C_0495
RAR: RIA_1999
RAG: B739_1791
RAE: G148_1341
RAT: M949_2167
DDO: I597_1595
EAO: BD94_2507
ELB: VO54_00206(pepE_1)
CHZ: CHSO_3515
KOS: KORDIASMS9_04145(pepC)
FBU: UJ101_00844(pepC)
IAL: IALB_1605
MRO: MROS_0944
 » show all
1  [PMID:8639621]
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2  [PMID:9151954]
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3  [PMID:9546396]
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4  [PMID:9546047]
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