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calcium-activated neutral protease II;
Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases);
Cysteine endopeptidases
Broad endopeptidase specificity
Type example of peptidase family C2. Requires Ca2+ at millimolar concentrations for activity. Cytosolic in animal cells. The active enzyme molecule is a heterodimer in which the large subunit contains the peptidase unit, and the small subunit is also a component of EC, calpain-1.
EC created 1981 as EC, transferred 2003 to EC
K03853  calpain-2
HSA: 824(CAPN2)
PTR: 457765(CAPN2)
PPS: 100988890(CAPN2)
GGO: 101149206(CAPN2)
PON: 100445754(CAPN2)
NLE: 100589114(CAPN2)
MCC: 703047(CAPN2)
MCF: 102122692(CAPN2)
CSAB: 103230023(CAPN2)
CATY: 105576962(CAPN2)
PANU: 101022030(CAPN2)
RRO: 104677285(CAPN2)
RBB: 108528248(CAPN2)
TFN: 117075199(CAPN2)
PTEH: 111537094(CAPN2)
CJC: 100405215(CAPN2)
SBQ: 101035587(CAPN2)
MMUR: 105863767
MMU: 12334(Capn2)
MCAL: 110296563(Capn2)
MPAH: 110321506(Capn2)
RNO: 29154(Capn2)
MCOC: 116068107(Capn2)
MUN: 110546658(Capn2)
CGE: 100771239(Capn2)
PLEU: 114684418(Capn2)
NGI: 103726266(Capn2)
HGL: 101720177(Capn2)
CCAN: 109677038(Capn2)
OCU: 100009092(CAPN2)
TUP: 102481316(CAPN2)
CFA: 480118(CAPN2)
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XLA: 100127267(XB5844015.L) 108716477(capn8.5.L) 108717697(capn2.S) 399075(capn2.L)
XTR: 100379861(capn8.5) 100494922 100495980 448035(capn2)
NPR: 108786661 108787073(CAPN2)
DRE: 337730(capn8) 445091(capn2l) 541374(capn2a) 563053(capn2b)
PHYP: 113547581
PLEP: 121942132
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ALIM: 106515918(capn11) 106536239
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LCM: 102347065(CAPN2)
CMK: 103177931
RTP: 109927474
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1  [PMID:10639123]
Strobl S, Fernandez-Catalan C, Braun M, Huber R, Masumoto H, Nakagawa K, Irie A, Sorimachi H, Bourenkow G, Bartunik H, Suzuki K, Bode W.
The crystal structure of calcium-free human m-calpain suggests an electrostatic switch mechanism for activation by calcium.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 97:588-92 (2000)
2  [PMID:12014988]
Dutt P, Spriggs CN, Davies PL, Jia Z, Elce JS
Origins of the difference in Ca2+ requirement for activation of mu- and m-calpain.
Biochem J 367:263-9 (2002)
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