EC                Enzyme                                 

neutral endopeptidase;
endopeptidase 24.11;
kidney-brush-border neutral peptidase;
enkephalinase (misleading);
CALLA (common acute lymphoblastic leukemia-associated) antigens;
CALLA antigen;
membrane metalloendopeptidase;
kidney-brush-border neutral endopeptidase;
kidney-brush-border neutral proteinase;
CALLA glycoprotein;
common acute lymphoblastic leukemia antigen;
CALLA glycoproteins;
common acute lymphoblastic leukemia-associated antigens;
neutral metallendopeptidase;
membrane metalloendopeptidase;
neutral endopeptidase 24.11;
neutral endopeptidase;
acute lymphoblastic leukemia antigen
Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases);
Preferential cleavage of polypeptides between hydrophobic residues, particularly with Phe or Tyr at P1'
A membrane-bound glycoprotein widely distributed in animal tissues. Inhibited by phosphoramidon and thiorphan. Common acute lymphoblastic leukemia antigen (CALLA). Type example of peptidase family M13
EC created 1978, modified 1989
K01389  neprilysin
K08635  neprilysin
HSA: 4311(MME) 79258(MMEL1)
PTR: 460792(MME) 744165(MMEL1)
PPS: 100985033(MMEL1) 100985469(MME)
GGO: 101130840(MME) 101134609(MMEL1)
PON: 100173750(MME) 100437958(MMEL1)
NLE: 100587997(MME) 100598660(MMEL1)
MCC: 698525(MMEL1) 707667(MME)
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DSI: Dsimw501_GD16783(Dsim_GD16783) Dsimw501_GD17088(Dsim_GD17088) Dsimw501_GD18636(Dsim_GD18636) Dsimw501_GD19662(Dsim_GD19662) Dsimw501_GD20045(Dsim_GD20045) Dsimw501_GD20688(Dsim_GD20688) Dsimw501_GD21386(Dsim_GD21386) Dsimw501_GD21387(Dsim_GD21387)
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CEL: CELE_F18A12.8(nep-11) CELE_T05A8.4(nep-2) CELE_T16A9.4(nep-21) CELE_ZK20.6(nep-1)
CBR: CBG_02837(Cbr-nep-1) CBG_04739 CBG_17774 CBG_19565(Cbr-nep-2)
BMY: BM_BM5808(Bma-nep-21) BM_BM7419(Bma-nep-1) BM_BM8091(Bma-nep-11.2)
HMG: 100198564
PXB: 103942785
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1  [PMID:6190172]
Matsas R, Fulcher IS, Kenny AJ, Turner AJ.
Substance P and [Leu]enkephalin are hydrolyzed by an enzyme in pig caudate synaptic membranes that is identical with the endopeptidase of kidney microvilli.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 80:3111-5 (1983)
2  [PMID:3555489]
Malfroy B, Schofield PR, Kuang WJ, Seeburg PH, Mason AJ, Henzel WJ.
Molecular cloning and amino acid sequence of rat enkephalinase.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun 144:59-66 (1987)
3  [PMID:2971756]
Letarte M, Vera S, Tran R, Addis JB, Onizuka RJ, Quackenbush EJ, Jongeneel CV, McInnes RR
Common acute lymphocytic leukemia antigen is identical to neutral endopeptidase.
J Exp Med 168:1247-53 (1988)
4  [PMID:2521610]
Erdos EG, Skidgel RA.
Neutral endopeptidase 24.11 (enkephalinase) and related regulators of peptide hormones.
FASEB J 3:145-51 (1989)
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