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thimet oligopeptidase;
soluble metalloendopeptidase;
endo-oligopeptidase A;
tissue-endopeptidase degrading collagenase-synthetic-substrate
Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases);
Preferential cleavage of bonds with hydrophobic residues at P1, P2 and P3' and a small residue at P1' in substrates of 5-15 residues
Thiol compounds activate at low concentrations. Type example of peptidase family M3.
EC created 1984 (EC created 1989 and EC created 1978 both incorporated 1992)
K01392  thimet oligopeptidase
HSA: 7064(THOP1)
PTR: 750162(THOP1)
PPS: 100985112(THOP1)
GGO: 101143234(THOP1)
PON: 100455971(THOP1)
NLE: 100583449(THOP1)
MCC: 721578(THOP1)
MCF: 102117812(THOP1)
CSAB: 103233658(THOP1)
RRO: 104665465(THOP1)
RBB: 108537535(THOP1)
CJC: 100385317(THOP1)
SBQ: 101028985(THOP1)
MMU: 50492(Thop1)
MCAL: 110303835(Thop1)
MPAH: 110326403(Thop1)
RNO: 64517(Thop1)
MUN: 110555611(Thop1)
CGE: 100764672(Thop1)
NGI: 103737278(Thop1)
HGL: 101714143(Thop1)
CCAN: 109691048(Thop1) 109702423
TUP: 102500342(THOP1)
CFA: 476748(THOP1)
VVP: 112935469(THOP1)
AML: 100471700(THOP1)
UMR: 103681807(THOP1)
UAH: 113242770(THOP1)
ORO: 101362401(THOP1)
ELK: 111161713
FCA: 101083746(THOP1)
PTG: 102964477(THOP1)
PPAD: 109260811(THOP1)
AJU: 106982145(THOP1)
BTA: 510889(THOP1)
BOM: 102265369(THOP1)
BIU: 109561783(THOP1)
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LVE: 103090843(THOP1)
OOR: 101287363(THOP1)
DLE: 111170481(THOP1)
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LAV: 100665776
TMU: 101346830
MDO: 100020499(THOP1)
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PSS: 102457370(THOP1)
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CPIC: 101943510(THOP1)
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PMUR: 107296844(THOP1)
TSR: 106544855(THOP1)
PMUA: 114588367(THOP1)
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ACA: ACP_2228
SUS: Acid_7278
FSN: GS03_01802(prlC_2)
DPB: BABL1_gene_25(prlC)
MPI: Mpet_2495
MBN: Mboo_2053
MPL: Mpal_0768
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1  [PMID:3244563]
Cicilini MA, Ribeiro MJ, de Oliveira EB, Mortara RA, de Camargo AC.
Endooligopeptidase A activity in rabbit heart: generation of enkephalin from enkephalin containing peptides.
Peptides 9:945-55 (1988)
2  [PMID:2803255]
Orlowski M, Reznik S, Ayala J, Pierotti AR.
Endopeptidase 24.15 from rat testes. Isolation of the enzyme and its specificity toward synthetic and natural peptides, including enkephalin-containing peptides.
Biochem J 261:951-8 (1989)
3  [PMID:2123097]
Barrett AJ, Brown MA.
Chicken liver Pz-peptidase, a thiol-dependent metallo-endopeptidase.
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4  [PMID:2261476]
Pierotti A, Dong KW, Glucksman MJ, Orlowski M, Roberts JL.
Molecular cloning and primary structure of rat testes metalloendopeptidase EC
Biochemistry 29:10323-9 (1990)
5  [PMID:2185743]
Tisljar U, Barrett AJ.
Thiol-dependent metallo-endopeptidase characteristics of Pz-peptidase in rat and rabbit.
Biochem J 267:531-3 (1990)
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