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gelatinase B;
92-kDa gelatinase;
matrix metalloproteinase 9;
type V collagenase;
92-kDa type IV collagenase;
macrophage gelatinase;
95 kDa type IV collagenase/gelatinase;
collagenase IV (ambiguous);
collagenase type IV (ambiguous);
gelatinase MMP 9;
MMP 9;
type IV collagen metalloproteinase (ambiguous)
Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases);
Cleavage of gelatin types I and V and collagen types IV and V
Similar to gelatinase A, but possesses a further domain . In peptidase family M10 (interstitial collagenase family)
EC created 1992
K01403  matrix metalloproteinase-9 (gelatinase B)
HSA: 4318(MMP9)
PTR: 458294(MMP9)
PPS: 100974722(MMP9)
GGO: 101138361(MMP9)
PON: 100455867(MMP9)
NLE: 100587873(MMP9)
MCC: 708084(MMP9)
MCF: 102117693(MMP9)
CSAB: 103245064(MMP9)
RBB: 108533326(MMP9)
CJC: 100415095(MMP9)
SBQ: 101036569(MMP9)
MMU: 17395(Mmp9)
MCAL: 110290048(Mmp9)
MPAH: 110318332(Mmp9)
RNO: 81687(Mmp9)
MUN: 110549307(Mmp9)
CGE: 100770707(Mmp9)
NGI: 103751232(Mmp9)
HGL: 101717243(Mmp9)
CCAN: 109689278(Mmp9)
OCU: 100008993(MMP9)
TUP: 102487885(MMP9)
CFA: 403885(MMP9)
VVP: 112931929(MMP9)
AML: 100475429(MMP9)
UMR: 103669705(MMP9)
UAH: 113258671(MMP9)
ORO: 101380511(MMP9)
ELK: 111141396
FCA: 101084185(MMP9)
PTG: 102959269(MMP9)
PPAD: 109272345(MMP9)
AJU: 106969010(MMP9)
BTA: 282871(MMP9)
BOM: 102273141(MMP9)
BIU: 109567506(MMP9)
BBUB: 102414528(MMP9)
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CMY: 102942105(MMP9)
PVT: 110086226(MMP9) 110089938
PBI: 103064710(MMP9)
PMUR: 107298160
TSR: 106556466(MMP9)
PMUA: 114599897(MMP9)
GJA: 107114899(MMP9)
XLA: 100037129(mmp9.L) 108702732 379663(mmp9.S)
XTR: 100494738(mmp9.2) 448591(mmp9.1)
NPR: 108789114(MMP9)
DRE: 406397(mmp9)
SRX: 107712005(mmp9) 107731127
IPU: 100304980(mmp9) 108265954
PHYP: 113527001
AMEX: 103023931
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CSEM: 103384600(mmp9)
POV: 109630977(mmp9)
LCF: 108876510(mmp9)
SDU: 111219019(mmp9)
SLAL: 111670614(mmp9)
BPEC: 110164611(mmp9)
MALB: 109972052(mmp9)
SASA: 100195428(mmp9) 106566399
ELS: 105023758(mmp9)
SFM: 108931255(mmp9)
PKI: 111855870(mmp9)
LCM: 102358076(MMP9)
CMK: 103191321(mmp9)
RTP: 109913301
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1  [PMID:3680518]
Hibbs MS, Hoidal JR, Kang AH.
Expression of a metalloproteinase that degrades native type V collagen and denatured collagens by cultured human alveolar macrophages.
J Clin Invest 80:1644-50 (1987)
2  [PMID:2551898]
Wilhelm SM, Collier IE, Marmer BL, Eisen AZ, Grant GA, Goldberg GI
SV40-transformed human lung fibroblasts secrete a 92-kDa type IV collagenase which is identical to that secreted by normal human macrophages.
J Biol Chem 264:17213-21 (1989)
3  [PMID:2165210]
Mainardi CL, Hasty KA.
Secretion and glycosylation of rabbit macrophage type V collagenase.
Matrix 10:84-90 (1990)
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