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ADAM10 endopeptidase;
Kuzbanian protein;
myelin-associated disintegrin metalloproteinase
Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases);
Endopeptidase of broad specificity
In peptidase family M12. Partially responsible for the "alpha-secretase" activity in brain that degrades the potentially harmful beta-amyloid peptide. Work with ADAM10-deficient mice supports a role in Notch signalling.
EC created 2003
K06704  disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 10
HSA: 102(ADAM10)
PTR: 746942(ADAM10)
PPS: 100979438(ADAM10)
GGO: 101142970(ADAM10)
PON: 100169741(ADAM10)
NLE: 100606667(ADAM10)
MCC: 701355(ADAM10)
MCF: 101925715(ADAM10)
CSAB: 103245557(ADAM10)
RRO: 104670896(ADAM10)
RBB: 108544959(ADAM10)
CJC: 100415138(ADAM10)
SBQ: 101041855(ADAM10)
MMU: 11487(Adam10)
MCAL: 110302364(Adam10)
MPAH: 110327224(Adam10)
RNO: 29650(Adam10)
CGE: 100772891(Adam10)
NGI: 103737147(Adam10)
HGL: 101698280(Adam10)
CCAN: 109689747
OCU: 100101614(ADAM10)
TUP: 102467957(ADAM10)
CFA: 478321(ADAM10)
VVP: 112920741(ADAM10)
AML: 100476350(ADAM10)
UMR: 103676794(ADAM10)
UAH: 113269679(ADAM10)
ORO: 101380324(ADAM10)
ELK: 111153288
FCA: 101087998(ADAM10)
PTG: 102950285(ADAM10)
PPAD: 109262917(ADAM10)
AJU: 106973789(ADAM10)
BTA: 282132(ADAM10)
BOM: 102285401(ADAM10)
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PSS: 102444574(ADAM10) 102461827
CMY: 102936468 102944138(ADAM10)
CPIC: 101948731(ADAM10) 101953463
ACS: 100553674(adam10)
PVT: 110074537(ADAM10) 110079237
PBI: 103053091 103062263(ADAM10)
PMUR: 107283154(ADAM10)
TSR: 106542883(ADAM10)
PMUA: 114583918(ADAM10) 114588574
GJA: 107107516(ADAM10)
XLA: 108706832 108711361 399187(adam10.S)
XTR: 100491788 733451(adam10)
NPR: 108789826(ADAM10) 108796952
DRE: 393392(adam10b) 560975(si:ch1073-396h14.1) 566044(adam10a)
IPU: 108259300(adam10) 108271130 108275251(ADAM10)
NCC: 104960057(adam10) 104960084
OTW: 112252197 112263716(adam10)
LCM: 102349523 102351415(ADAM10)
CMK: 103183500 103189371(adam10)
RTP: 109936297(adam10)
CIN: 100184040
DME: Dmel_CG1964(Kul) Dmel_CG7147(kuz)
DSI: Dsimw501_GD15481(Dsim_GD15481) Dsimw501_GD21457(Dsim_GD21457)
CEL: CELE_DY3.7(sup-17)
CBR: CBG12369(Cbr-sup-17)
BMY: Bm1_55800
TSP: Tsp_11370
OBI: 106879111
SHX: MS3_02880
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1  [PMID:12475894]
Gutwein P, Mechtersheimer S, Riedle S, Stoeck A, Gast D, Joumaa S, Zentgraf H, Fogel M, Altevogt DP.
ADAM10-mediated cleavage of L1 adhesion molecule at the cell surface and in released membrane vesicles.
FASEB J 17:292-4 (2003)
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