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Mn2+-dependent ADP-ribose/CDP-alcohol diphosphatase;
Mn2+-dependent ADP-ribose/CDP-alcohol pyrophosphatase;
Acting on acid anhydrides;
In phosphorus-containing anhydrides
CDP-choline phosphohydrolase
(1) CDP-choline + H2O = CMP + phosphocholine [RN:R09538];
(2) ADP-D-ribose + H2O = AMP + D-ribose 5-phosphate [RN:R01054]
R01054 R09538
CDP-choline [CPD:C00307];
H2O [CPD:C00001];
ADP-D-ribose [CPD:C00301]
CMP [CPD:C00055];
phosphocholine [CPD:C00588];
AMP [CPD:C00020];
D-ribose 5-phosphate [CPD:C00117]
Requires Mn2+. Unlike EC, ADP-ribose diphosphatase, it cannot utilize Mg2+. ADP-D-ribose, CDP-choline, CDP-ethanolamine and ADP are substrates for this enzyme but ADP-D-glucose, UDP-D-glucose, CDP-D-glucose, CDP, CMP and AMP are not hydrolysed [2]. The mammalian enzyme hydrolyses cyclic ADP-ribose to 1-(5-phospho-beta-D-ribosyl)-AMP with ~100-fold lower efficiency than ADP-D-ribose [3]. In rat, the enzyme is found predominantly in thymus and spleen.
EC created 2008
K01517  manganese-dependent ADP-ribose/CDP-alcohol diphosphatase
HSA: 56985(ADPRM)
PTR: 745728(ADPRM)
PPS: 100989248(ADPRM)
GGO: 101139187(ADPRM)
PON: 100436862(ADPRM)
NLE: 100601662(ADPRM)
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SMIN: v1.2.028698.t1(symbB.v1.2.028698.t1)
SPAR: SPRG_19962
PAGA: PAGA_a0239
PPH: Ppha_2785
PAA: Paes_0208
CTS: Ctha_1338
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1  [PMID:7819284]
Canales J, Pinto RM, Costas MJ, Hernandez MT, Miro A, Bernet D, Fernandez A, Cameselle JC
Rat liver nucleoside diphosphosugar or diphosphoalcohol pyrophosphatases different from nucleotide pyrophosphatase or phosphodiesterase I: substrate specificities of Mg(2+)-and/or Mn(2+)-dependent hydrolases acting on ADP-ribose.
Biochim Biophys Acta 1246:167-77 (1995)
2  [PMID:18352857]
Canales J, Fernandez A, Ribeiro JM, Cabezas A, Rodrigues JR, Cameselle JC, Costas MJ
Mn2+-dependent ADP-ribose/CDP-alcohol pyrophosphatase: a novel metallophosphoesterase family preferentially expressed in rodent immune cells.
Biochem J 413:103-13 (2008)
3  [PMID:19379742]
Canales J, Fernandez A, Rodrigues JR, Ferreira R, Ribeiro JM, Cabezas A, Costas MJ, Cameselle JC
Hydrolysis of the phosphoanhydride linkage of cyclic ADP-ribose by the Mn(2+)-dependent ADP-ribose/CDP-alcohol pyrophosphatase.
FEBS Lett 583:1593-8 (2009)
4  [PMID:22848751]
Rodrigues JR, Fernandez A, Canales J, Cabezas A, Ribeiro JM, Costas MJ, Cameselle JC
Characterization of Danio rerio Mn2+-dependent ADP-ribose/CDP-alcohol diphosphatase, the structural prototype of the ADPRibase-Mn-like protein family.
PLoS One 7:e42249 (2012)
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