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peroxisome-assembly ATPase;
peroxisome assembly factor-2
Acting on acid anhydrides;
Acting on acid anhydrides to facilitate cellular and subcellular movement
ATP phosphohydrolase (peroxisome-assembling)
ATP + H2O = ADP + phosphate
ATP [CPD:C00002];
H2O [CPD:C00001]
ADP [CPD:C00008];
phosphate [CPD:C00009]
An extremely diversified group of enzymes that use the energy of ATP hydrolysis to import and assemble peroxisome components into the organelle. Their molecular masses range from 25 to 600 kDa.
EC created 2000
K18798  peroxisome-assembly ATPase
HSA: 246269(AFG1L)
PTR: 462920(AFG1L)
PPS: 100971735(LACE1) 100977757
GGO: 101153238(AFG1L)
PON: 100457336(AFG1L)
NLE: 100593413(AFG1L)
MCC: 700861(AFG1L)
MCF: 102129559(LACE1)
CSAB: 103240618(LACE1)
CATY: 105581341(LACE1)
PANU: 101023141(AFG1L)
RRO: 104677470(AFG1L)
RBB: 108533815(LACE1)
TFN: 117097174(AFG1L)
PTEH: 111538544(AFG1L)
CJC: 100397000(LACE1)
SBQ: 101038985(LACE1)
MMUR: 105864927(LACE1)
MMU: 215951(Afg1l)
MCAL: 110303156(Afg1l)
MPAH: 110326640(Afg1l)
RNO: 502479(Afg1l)
MCOC: 116074373(Afg1l)
MUN: 110552803(Afg1l) 110555703
CGE: 100770027(Afg1l)
PLEU: 114707522(Afg1l)
HGL: 101699966(Lace1)
OCU: 100345087(LACE1)
TUP: 102480049(LACE1)
CFA: 481952(AFG1L)
VVP: 112925154(AFG1L)
VLG: 121478238(AFG1L)
AML: 100479073(AFG1L)
UMR: 103675830(LACE1)
UAH: 113264765(AFG1L)
ORO: 101367829(LACE1)
ELK: 111158338
MPUF: 101683462(LACE1)
EJU: 114210005(AFG1L)
MLX: 118001571(AFG1L)
FCA: 101098634(AFG1L)
PYU: 121029869(AFG1L)
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PPAD: 109263505(LACE1)
AJU: 106986648(AFG1L)
HHV: 120235238(AFG1L)
BTA: 537689(AFG1L)
BOM: 102282088(LACE1) 102287674
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DLE: 111164322(AFG1L)
PCAD: 102974037(AFG1L)
ECB: 100066538(AFG1L)
EPZ: 103551226(LACE1)
EAI: 106829767(LACE1)
MYB: 102256070(LACE1)
MYD: 102751686(LACE1)
MMYO: 118660311(AFG1L)
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HAI: 109391415(LACE1)
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MMF: 118621860(AFG1L)
PALE: 102890216(AFG1L)
PGIG: 120608126(AFG1L)
RAY: 107518485(LACE1)
MJV: 108390107(LACE1)
TOD: 119252751(AFG1L)
LAV: 100657875(AFG1L)
TMU: 101354492
MDO: 100021671(LACE1)
SHR: 100916820(AFG1L)
PCW: 110222890(AFG1L)
OAA: 100080332(AFG1L)
GGA: 421770(AFG1L)
PCOC: 116240766(AFG1L)
MGP: 100546026(AFG1L)
CJO: 107311884(AFG1L)
NMEL: 110395387(AFG1L)
APLA: 101789717(AFG1L)
ACYG: 106032605(LACE1)
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PRET: 103457488(lace1) 103458350
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NFU: 107377532(lace1) 107391985
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ERC: Ecym_5470
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NCS: NCAS_0H02520(NCAS0H02520)
NDI: NDAI_0C01110(NDAI0C01110)
TPF: TPHA_0J03060(TPHA0J03060)
TBL: TBLA_0G00890(TBLA0G00890)
TDL: TDEL_0A03840(TDEL0A03840)
KAF: KAFR_0C05360(KAFR0C05360)
PIC: PICST_86016(AFG1)
CAL: CAALFM_C406430CA(CaO19.2891)
SLB: AWJ20_5200(AFG1)
NCR: NCU04481
SSCK: SPSK_08929
MAW: MAC_06376
MAJ: MAA_05098
CMT: CCM_04226
ANI: AN7029.2
ANG: ANI_1_1064124(An14g00700)
ABE: ARB_03564
TVE: TRV_06603
PTE: PTT_06504
MGL: MGL_3772
MRT: MRET_0576
DFA: DFA_11676
TAN: TA02690
TPV: TP03_0013
BBO: BBOV_III003940(17.m07363)
SMIN: v1.2.032781.t1(symbB.v1.2.032781.t1) v1.2.034751.t1(symbB.v1.2.034751.t1)
GNI: GNIT_0850
GPS: C427_1252
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1  [PMID:1441755]
Lee YJ, Wickner RB
AFG1, a new member of the SEC18-NSF, PAS1, CDC48-VCP, TBP family of ATPases.
Yeast 8:787-90 (1992)
2  [PMID:7493019]
Tsukamoto T, Miura S, Nakai T, Yokota S, Shimozawa N, Suzuki Y, Orii T, Fujiki Y, Sakai F, Bogaki A, et al.
Peroxisome assembly factor-2, a putative ATPase cloned by functional complementation on a peroxisome-deficient mammalian cell mutant.
Nat Genet 11:395-401 (1995)
3  [PMID:8670792]
Yahraus T, Braverman N, Dodt G, Kalish JE, Morrell JC, Moser HW, Valle D, Gould SJ.
The peroxisome biogenesis disorder group 4 gene, PXAAA1, encodes a cytoplasmic ATPase required for stability of the PTS1 receptor.
EMBO J 15:2914-23 (1996)
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