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NAD(P)H oxidase (H2O2-forming);
dual oxidase;
thyroid NADPH oxidase;
thyroid oxidase;
thyroid oxidase 2;
NADPH oxidase;
NAD(P)H:oxygen oxidoreductase;
NAD(P)H oxidase
Acting on NADH or NADPH;
With oxygen as acceptor
BRITE hierarchy
NAD(P)H:oxygen oxidoreductase (H2O2-forming)
NAD(P)H + H+ + O2 = NAD(P)+ + H2O2 [RN:R07171 R07172]
NADH [CPD:C00004];
NADPH [CPD:C00005];
H+ [CPD:C00080];
O2 [CPD:C00007]
NAD+ [CPD:C00003];
NADP+ [CPD:C00006];
H2O2 [CPD:C00027]
Requires FAD, heme and calcium. When calcium is present, this transmembrane glycoprotein generates H2O2 by transfering electrons from intracellular NAD(P)H to extracellular molecular oxygen. The electron bridge within the enzyme contains one molecule of FAD and probably two heme groups. This flavoprotein is expressed at the apical membrane of thyrocytes, and provides H2O2 for the thyroid peroxidase-catalysed biosynthesis of thyroid hormones.
EC created 2003, modified 2013
K13411  dual oxidase
HSA: 50506(DUOX2) 53905(DUOX1)
PTR: 453395(DUOX2) 467673(DUOX1)
PPS: 100974723(DUOX1) 100978429(DUOX2)
GGO: 101137548(DUOX1) 101139037(DUOX2)
PON: 100445893(DUOX2) 100447745(DUOX1)
NLE: 100588618(DUOX1) 100595406(DUOX2)
MCC: 713126(DUOX1) 713906(DUOX2)
MCF: 102131806(DUOX2) 102133834(DUOX1)
CSAB: 103245704(DUOX2) 103245708(DUOX1)
RRO: 104653891(DUOX2) 104653893(DUOX1)
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CJC: 100387872(DUOX2) 100406741(DUOX1)
SBQ: 101043225(DUOX1) 101045049(DUOX2)
MMU: 214593(Duox2) 99439(Duox1)
MCAL: 110289528(Duox2) 110289597(Duox1)
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SMIN: v1.2.034563.t1(symbB.v1.2.034563.t1) v1.2.036935.t1(symbB.v1.2.036935.t1)
 » show all
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[hsa:53905 50506]
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