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G-protein-coupled receptor kinase;
G protein-coupled receptor kinase;
GPCR kinase;
Transferring phosphorus-containing groups;
Protein-serine/threonine kinases
BRITE hierarchy
ATP:[G-protein-coupled receptor] phosphotransferase
ATP + [G-protein-coupled receptor] = ADP + [G-protein-coupled receptor] phosphate
ATP [CPD:C00002];
[G-protein-coupled receptor]
ADP [CPD:C00008];
[G-protein-coupled receptor] phosphate
Requires G-protein for activation and therefore belongs to the family of G-protein-dependent receptor kinases (GRKs). All members of this enzyme subfamily possess a highly conserved binding site for 1-phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate. (cf. EC, rhodopsin kinase and EC, beta-adrenergic-receptor kinase).
EC created 2005
K08291  G protein-coupled receptor kinase
HSA: 2868(GRK4) 2869(GRK5) 2870(GRK6)
PTR: 461082(GRK4) 466217(GRK5) 471760(GRK6)
PPS: 100972068(GRK6) 100972921(GRK4) 100975050(GRK5)
GGO: 101125204(GRK6) 101142802(GRK5) 101148767(GRK4)
PON: 100171722(GRK5) 100433745(GRK6) 100442141(GRK4)
NLE: 100592067(GRK6) 100593251(GRK5) 100595255(GRK4)
MCC: 100427251(GRK5) 700000(GRK6) 720047(GRK4)
MCF: 102115240(GRK4) 102128844(GRK6) 102132362(GRK5)
CSAB: 103216606(GRK5) 103245054(GRK6) 103246447(GRK4)
RRO: 104672234(GRK5) 104678955(GRK4) 104680460(GRK6)
RBB: 108513853(GRK5) 108522739(GRK4) 108544772(GRK6)
CJC: 100400573(GRK5) 100403264(GRK6) 100403887(GRK4) 108591905
SBQ: 101030769(GRK6) 101037649(GRK5) 101054298(GRK4)
MMU: 14772(Grk4) 14773(Grk5) 26385(Grk6)
RNO: 59075(Grk5) 59076(Grk6) 59077(Grk4)
CGE: 100767022(Grk4) 100771151(Grk5) 103161260(Grk6)
NGI: 103729285(Grk5) 103732366(Grk6) 103741150(Grk4)
HGL: 101718249(Grk6) 101718850(Grk5) 101720649(Grk4) 101720846
CCAN: 109676704 109685731(Grk4) 109685760(Grk6) 109700825(Grk5)
OCU: 100351551(GRK4) 100357639(GRK6) 103347166 103351438(GRK5)
TUP: 102474598(GRK6) 102480420(GRK4) 102485965(GRK5)
CFA: 100684653(GRK6) 479075(GRK4) 486915(GRK5)
AML: 100466557(GRK4) 100478616(GRK6) 100480732(GRK5)
UMR: 103657694(GRK5) 103664442(GRK6) 103676663(GRK4)
ORO: 101366445(GRK4) 101377206(GRK6) 101385208(GRK5)
FCA: 101086226(GRK4) 101087379(GRK6) 101089047(GRK5)
PTG: 102955344(GRK4) 102962153(GRK5) 102968971(GRK6)
AJU: 106969373(GRK5) 106975413(GRK6) 106978855(GRK4)
BTA: 281801(GRK5) 512489(GRK4) 521413(GRK6)
BOM: 102271649(GRK6) 102272970(GRK5) 102283303(GRK4)
BIU: 109553055(GRK5) 109560743(GRK4) 109561904(GRK6)
PHD: 102321739(GRK6) 102336686(GRK4) 102338691(GRK5)
CHX: 102183500(GRK4) 102186301(GRK6) 102190578(GRK5)
OAS: 101107019(GRK6) 101107151(GRK5) 101120060 101122439(GRK4)
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CDK: 105099593(GRK6) 105103924(GRK4) 105104188(GRK5)
BACU: 103005786(GRK5) 103011898(GRK4) 103017883(GRK6)
LVE: 103071087(GRK5) 103073492 103082340(GRK6)
OOR: 101275494(GRK5) 101276909(GRK6) 101288363(GRK4)
ECB: 100053624(GRK4) 100065919(GRK5) 100068570(GRK6)
EPZ: 103539972(GRK6) 103542954 103554506(GRK5) 103558677(GRK4)
EAI: 106825835(GRK4) 106827137(GRK6) 106836364(GRK5)
MYB: 102246592(GRK5) 102255277(GRK6) 102260906(GRK4)
MYD: 102754944 102757801(GRK6) 102758601(GRK5) 102762532(GRK4)
HAI: 109382992(GRK5) 109389794(GRK6) 109390911(GRK4)
RSS: 109434229(GRK6) 109434506(GRK4) 109444124(GRK5)
PALE: 102877766(GRK5) 102881935(GRK6) 102893603(GRK4)
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NPR: 108783744(GRK6) 108785832(GRK4) 108795411 108802218(GRK5)
DRE: 560761(grk4) 560806(grk5) 561288(grk6) 567452(grk5l)
IPU: 108265152 108277214(Grk5) 108278711(grk6)
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CMK: 103177327(grk6) 103186330(grk4) 103186576(grk5)
SPU: 756375
APLC: 110988180
SKO: 100374101(GRK5)
DME: Dmel_CG17998(Gprk2)
DSI: Dsimw501_GD21578(Dsim_GD21578)
MDE: 101901760
AAG: 5567507
AME: 410632
BIM: 100741600
SOC: 105199349
AEC: 105146542
ACEP: 105624805
PBAR: 105433159
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DQU: 106749793
CFO: 105252842
LHU: 105672492
PGC: 109860236
PCF: 106788165
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DPA: 109545471
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HAW: 110377080
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DNX: 107168275
CLEC: 106662266
FCD: 110858013
DPX: DAPPUDRAFT_127071(Grk1)
TUT: 107369896
CEL: CELE_F19C6.1(grk-1)
CBR: CBG01947(Cbr-grk-1)
CRG: 105324517
MYI: 110451725
OBI: 106876126
LAK: 106178688
SHX: MS3_10159
EGL: EGR_02568
EPA: 110245004
ADF: 107338742
HMG: 100197054
AQU: 100637826
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1  [PMID:8288567]
Kunapuli P, Onorato JJ, Hosey MM, Benovic JL.
Expression, purification, and characterization of the G protein-coupled receptor kinase GRK5.
J Biol Chem 269:1099-105 (1994)
2  [PMID:8120045]
Premont RT, Koch WJ, Inglese J, Lefkowitz RJ.
Identification, purification, and characterization of GRK5, a member of the family of G protein-coupled receptor kinases.
J Biol Chem 269:6832-41 (1994)
3  [PMID:14654303]
Willets JM, Challiss RA, Nahorski SR.
Non-visual GRKs: are we seeing the whole picture?
Trends Pharmacol Sci 24:626-33 (2003)
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