EC                Enzyme                                 

myosin-light-chain kinase;
[myosin-light-chain] kinase;
ATP:myosin-light-chain O-phosphotransferase;
calcium/calmodulin-dependent myosin light chain kinase;
myosin kinase;
myosin light chain kinase;
myosin light chain protein kinase;
myosin light-chain kinase (phosphorylating);
smooth-muscle-myosin-light-chain kinase;
Transferring phosphorus-containing groups;
Protein-serine/threonine kinases
BRITE hierarchy
ATP:[myosin light chain] O-phosphotransferase
ATP + [myosin light chain] = ADP + [myosin light chain] phosphate [RN:R03150]
ATP [CPD:C00002];
myosin light chain [CPD:C01003]
ADP [CPD:C00008];
myosin light chain phosphate [CPD:C03875]
Requires Ca2+ and calmodulin for activity. The 20-kDa light chain from smooth muscle myosin is phosphorylated more rapidly than any other acceptor, but light chains from other myosins and myosin itself can act as acceptors, but more slowly.
EC created 1986 as EC, transferred 2005 to EC
K00907  myosin-light-chain kinase
HSA: 340156(MYLK4) 4638(MYLK) 85366(MYLK2) 91807(MYLK3)
PTR: 101057233(MYLK) 465143(MYLK3) 471840(MYLK4) 742591(MYLK2)
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SHX: MS3_00667
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 » show all
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