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tripeptidyl-peptidase II;
tripeptidyl aminopeptidase;
tripeptidyl peptidase;
tripeptidyl aminopeptidase II;
tripeptidyl peptidase II;
Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases);
Dipeptidyl-peptidases and tripeptidyl-peptidases
BRITE hierarchy
Release of an N-terminal tripeptide from a polypeptide
A cytosolic enzyme in peptidase family S8 (subtilisin family). Active at neutral pH. Inhibited by diisopropyl fluorophosphate. Formerly included in EC
EC created 1992 (part of EC created 1989, incorporated 1992)
K01280  tripeptidyl-peptidase II
HSA: 7174(TPP2)
PTR: 452645(TPP2)
PPS: 100979697(TPP2)
GGO: 101135379(TPP2)
PON: 100172493(TPP2)
NLE: 100581612(TPP2) 100592431 105739200
MCC: 701311(TPP2)
MCF: 101865014(TPP2)
CSAB: 103214737(TPP2)
RRO: 104654017(TPP2)
RBB: 108521644(TPP2)
CJC: 100391991(TPP2)
SBQ: 101037381(TPP2)
MMU: 22019(Tpp2)
RNO: 81815(Tpp2)
CGE: 100751018(Tpp2)
NGI: 103751647(Tpp2)
HGL: 101700345(Tpp2)
CCAN: 109693747(Tpp2)
OCU: 100359134(TPP2)
TUP: 102491918(TPP2)
CFA: 100855853(TPP2)
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OBR: 102701235
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ATS: 109732424(LOC109732424)
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DCT: 110099325
AOF: 109837263
ATR: 18423030
MNG: MNEG_9542
APRO: F751_2683
SPO: SPAP8A3.12c(tpp2)
MGL: MGL_0154
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1  [PMID:6352701]
Balow RM, Ragnarsson U, Zetterqvist O.
Tripeptidyl aminopeptidase in the extralysosomal fraction of rat liver.
J Biol Chem 258:11622-8 (1983)
2  [PMID:3511062]
Balow RM, Tomkinson B, Ragnarsson U, Zetterqvist O.
Purification, substrate specificity, and classification of tripeptidyl peptidase II.
J Biol Chem 261:2409-17 (1986)
3  [PMID:1691635]
Tomkinson B, Zetterqvist O.
Immunological cross-reactivity between human tripeptidyl peptidase II and fibronectin.
Biochem J 267:149-54 (1990)
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