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oviductal protease
Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases);
Serine endopeptidases
BRITE hierarchy
Preferential cleavage at Gly-Ser-Arg373! of glycoprotein gp43 in Xenopus laevis coelemic egg envelope to yield gp41
The egg envelope of the South African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis) is modified during transit of the egg through the pars rectus oviduct, changing the egg envelope from an unfertilizable form to a fertilizable form. This process involves the conversion of glycoprotein gp43 to gp41 (ZPC) by the pars recta protease oviductin. It is thought that the enzymically active protease molecule comprises the N-terminal protease domain coupled to two C-terminal CUB domains, which are related to the mammalian spermadhesin molecules implicated in mediating sperm-envelope interactions [2]. The enzyme is also found in the Japanese toad (Bufo japonicus) [3]. Belongs in peptidase family S1.
EC created 2007
K20111  oviductin
MDO: 100027745(OVCH2)
SHR: 100916932(OVCH2)
OAA: 100076426(OVCH2)
GGA: 769290(OVCH2)
MGP: 100541355(OVCH2)
CJO: 107314584(OVCH2)
APLA: 101798316(OVCH2)
ACYG: 106040936(OVCH2)
TGU: 101233893
FAB: 101811575(OVCH2)
CCW: 104692962(OVCH2)
FPG: 101910452(OVCH2)
FCH: 102053250(OVCH2)
CLV: 102088414(OVCH2)
EGZ: 104123416(OVCH2)
AAM: 106497080(OVCH2)
ASN: 102383299(OVCH2)
PSS: 102457326(OVCH2)
CMY: 102933552(OVCH2)
CPIC: 101937537(OVCH2)
ACS: 100566043(ovch2)
PVT: 110080913(OVCH2)
PBI: 103050766(OVCH2)
GJA: 107111731(OVCH2)
XLA: 398108(ovch2.S)
XTR: 100496902(ovch2)
NPR: 108789647
SRX: 107745938
SANH: 107686667
SGH: 107573059(ovch1)
CCAR: 109109152
IPU: 108269171(ovch1)
AMEX: 103035632
LCO: 104933350
NCC: 104960202
XMA: 111611836
PRET: 103466254
KMR: 112450980
LCF: 108902303
BPEC: 110169478
MALB: 109962594
SASA: 106561585(ovch2)
OTW: 112219139
ELS: 105018253(ovch2)
LCM: 102365172(OVCH2)
CMK: 103175111(ovch2)
APLC: 110980135
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1  [PMID:1581303]
Hardy DM, Hedrick JL.
Oviductin. Purification and properties of the oviductal protease that processes the molecular weight 43,000 glycoprotein of the Xenopus laevis egg envelope.
Biochemistry 31:4466-72 (1992)
2  [PMID:10084976]
Lindsay LL, Wieduwilt MJ, Hedrick JL.
Oviductin, the Xenopus laevis oviductal protease that processes egg envelope glycoprotein gp43, increases sperm binding to envelopes, and is translated as part of an unusual mosaic protein composed of two protease and several CUB domains.
Biol Reprod 60:989-95 (1999)
3  [PMID:11846486]
Hiyoshi M, Takamune K, Mita K, Kubo H, Sugimoto Y, Katagiri C.
Oviductin, the oviductal protease that mediates gamete interaction by affecting the vitelline coat in Bufo japonicus: its molecular cloning and analyses of expression and posttranslational activation.
Dev Biol 243:176-84 (2002)
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