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procollagen C-endopeptidase;
procollagen C-terminal proteinase;
carboxyprocollagen peptidase;
procollagen C-terminal peptidase;
procollagen C-proteinase;
procollagen C-terminal proteinase;
procollagen carboxypeptidase;
procollagen carboxy-terminal proteinase;
procollagen peptidase
Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases);
Cleavage of the C-terminal propeptide at Ala!Asp in type I and II procollagens and at Arg!Asp in type III
A 100 kDa endopeptidase the activity of which is increased by Ca2+ and by an enhancer glycoprotein. In peptidase family M12 (astacin family)
EC created 1992
K05502  bone morphogenetic protein 1
HSA: 649(BMP1)
PTR: 464042(BMP1)
PPS: 100979179(BMP1)
GGO: 101145590(BMP1)
PON: 100453093(BMP1)
NLE: 100596014(BMP1)
MCC: 707596(BMP1)
MCF: 102116822(BMP1)
CSAB: 103215447(BMP1)
RRO: 104663959(BMP1)
RBB: 108521321(BMP1)
SBQ: 101042414(BMP1)
MMU: 12153(Bmp1)
MCAL: 110308919(Bmp1)
MPAH: 110325211(Bmp1)
RNO: 83470(Bmp1)
MUN: 110551677(Bmp1)
CGE: 100751120(Bmp1)
NGI: 103748138(Bmp1)
HGL: 101713810(Bmp1)
CCAN: 109690450(Bmp1)
OCU: 100356758(BMP1)
TUP: 102480045(BMP1)
CFA: 100856514(BMP1)
VVP: 112926748(BMP1)
AML: 100477539(BMP1)
UMR: 103673342(BMP1)
UAH: 113270006(BMP1)
ORO: 101382533(BMP1)
ELK: 111156717
FCA: 101093350(BMP1)
PTG: 102972893(BMP1)
PPAD: 109277354(BMP1)
AJU: 106981094(BMP1)
BTA: 510360(BMP1)
BOM: 102266088(BMP1)
BBUB: 102396219(BMP1)
CHX: 102179476(BMP1)
OAS: 101122334(BMP1)
SSC: 100156461(BMP1)
CFR: 102521071(BMP1)
CDK: 105103080(BMP1)
BACU: 103005385(BMP1)
LVE: 103091450(BMP1)
OOR: 101269303(BMP1)
DLE: 111169000(BMP1)
PCAD: 102978081(BMP1)
ECB: 100056914(BMP1)
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LSR: 110479426(BMP1)
SCAN: 103824949(BMP1)
GFR: 102040585(BMP1)
FAB: 101807676(BMP1)
PHI: 102099474(BMP1)
PMAJ: 107213953(BMP1)
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FPG: 101918385(BMP1)
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EGZ: 104127935
NNI: 104016031(BMP1)
AAM: 106499973(BMP1)
ASN: 102376631(BMP1)
AMJ: 102574594(BMP1)
PSS: 102460646(BMP1)
CMY: 102937822(BMP1)
CPIC: 101938610(BMP1)
ACS: 100568138(bmp1)
PVT: 110072169(BMP1)
PBI: 103064624(BMP1)
PMUR: 107289251(BMP1)
TSR: 106549316
PMUA: 114585596(BMP1)
GJA: 107113015(BMP1)
XLA: 397872(bmp1.S) 399093(bmp1.L)
XTR: 733960(bmp1)
NPR: 108798464(BMP1)
DRE: 559877(bmp1b) 572452(bmp1a)
CCAR: 109109073
IPU: 108265517(bmp1) 108276587
PHYP: 113533637(bmp1) 113544093
EEE: 113578135
TRU: 101068949(bmp1) 101072844
CVG: 107092678 107093872(bmp1)
NFU: 107373116 107393753(bmp1)
LCF: 108878376(bmp1) 108879830
ELS: 105014263(bmp1) 105014870
PKI: 111838614(bmp1) 111857333
LCM: 102357697(BMP1)
CMK: 103190854
RTP: 109911454
MDL: 103573542
TUT: 107359882
PCAN: 112570286
NVE: 5522383
AMIL: 114955126
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1  [PMID:3905801]
Hojima Y, van der Rest M, Prockop DJ.
Type I procollagen carboxyl-terminal proteinase from chick embryo tendons. Purification and characterization.
J Biol Chem 260:15996-6003 (1985)
2  [PMID:2689170]
Kessler E, Adar R.
Type I procollagen C-proteinase from mouse fibroblasts. Purification and demonstration of a 55-kDa enhancer glycoprotein.
Eur J Biochem 186:115-21 (1989)
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