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mitochondrial intermediate peptidase;
mitochondrial intermediate precursor-processing proteinase;
Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases);
BRITE hierarchy
Release of an N-terminal octapeptide as second stage of processing of some proteins imported into the mitochondrion
A homologue of thimet oligopeptidase. Natural substrates are precursor proteins that have already been processed by mitochondrial processing peptidase. In peptidase family M3 (thimet oligopeptidase family)
EC created 1993
K01410  mitochondrial intermediate peptidase
HSA: 4285(MIPEP)
PTR: 467228(MIPEP)
PPS: 100984556(MIPEP)
GGO: 101137911(MIPEP)
PON: 100171586(MIPEP)
NLE: 100606156(MIPEP)
MCC: 707131(MIPEP)
MCF: 101865693(MIPEP)
CSAB: 103249000(MIPEP)
RRO: 104669088(MIPEP)
RBB: 108531177(MIPEP)
CJC: 100393887(MIPEP)
SBQ: 101049620(MIPEP)
MMU: 70478(Mipep)
MCAL: 110309115(Mipep)
MPAH: 110325414(Mipep)
RNO: 81684(Mipep)
MUN: 110556381(Mipep)
CGE: 100762716(Mipep)
NGI: 103727184(Mipep)
HGL: 101696293(Mipep)
OCU: 100355371(MIPEP)
TUP: 102494013(MIPEP)
CFA: 477338(MIPEP)
VVP: 112918614(MIPEP)
AML: 100466665(MIPEP)
UMR: 103664393(MIPEP)
UAH: 113251186(MIPEP)
ORO: 101377428(MIPEP)
FCA: 101084847(MIPEP)
PTG: 102960672(MIPEP)
PPAD: 109266165(MIPEP)
AJU: 106988936(MIPEP)
BTA: 517531(MIPEP)
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DRE: 100005953(mipep) 557349(si:ch73-1a9.4)
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SPU: 585883
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NCR: NCU02063
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TVE: TRV_06295
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SPO: SPAC1F3.10c(oct1)
MRR: Moror_317
SCM: SCHCODRAFT_13586(mip)
ABP: AGABI1DRAFT67360(mip)
SLA: SERLADRAFT_444624(mip1)
MGL: MGL_3874
MRT: MRET_3777
DFA: DFA_04512
PYO: PY17X_1355900(PY06253)
PCB: PCHAS_135540(PC000493.04.0)
TAN: TA20475
TPV: TP01_0515
BBO: BBOV_III002610(17.m07249)
SMIN: v1.2.007151.t2(symbB.v1.2.007151.t2) v1.2.007151.t4(symbB.v1.2.007151.t4) v1.2.007151.t5(symbB.v1.2.007151.t5)
SPAR: SPRG_00112
TCR: 504147.80
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1  [PMID:1560019]
Isaya G, Kalousek F, Rosenberg LE.
Amino-terminal octapeptides function as recognition signals for the mitochondrial intermediate peptidase.
J Biol Chem 267:7904-10 (1992)
2  [PMID:1518864]
Isaya G, Kalousek F, Rosenberg LE.
Sequence analysis of rat mitochondrial intermediate peptidase: similarity to zinc metallopeptidases and to a putative yeast homologue.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 89:8317-21 (1992)
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