EC                 Enzyme                                 

8-oxo-dGDP phosphatase;
MTH3 (gene name);
Acting on acid anhydrides;
In phosphorus-containing anhydrides
BRITE hierarchy
8-oxo-dGDP phosphohydrolase
8-oxo-dGDP + H2O = 8-oxo-dGMP + phosphate [RN:R09877]
8-oxo-dGDP [CPD:C20176];
H2O [CPD:C00001]
8-oxo-dGMP [CPD:C19968];
phosphate [CPD:C00009]
The enzyme catalyses the hydrolysis of both 8-oxo-dGDP and 8-oxo-GDP thereby preventing translational errors caused by oxidative damage. The preferred in vivo substrate is not known. The enzyme does not degrade 8-oxo-dGTP and 8-oxo-GTP to the monophosphates (cf. EC, 8-oxo-dGTP diphosphatase) [1,2]. Ribonucleotide diphosphates and deoxyribonucleotide diphosphates are hydrolysed with broad specificity. The bifunctional enzyme NUDT5 also hydrolyses ADP-ribose to AMP and D-ribose 5-phosphate (cf. EC, ADP-ribose diphosphatase) [4]. The human enzyme NUDT18 also hydrolyses 8-oxo-dADP and 2-hydroxy-dADP, the latter at a slower rate [6].
EC created 2012
K13987  ADP-sugar pyrophosphatase / 8-oxo-dGDP phosphatase / ADP-D-ribose pyrophosphorylase
K17817  8-oxo-dGDP phosphatase
HSA: 11164(NUDT5) 79873(NUDT18)
PTR: 450306(NUDT5) 741929(NUDT18)
PPS: 100977496(NUDT18) 100977876(NUDT5)
GGO: 101132071(NUDT18) 101148720(NUDT5)
PON: 100172071(NUDT5) 100451093(NUDT18)
NLE: 100594282(NUDT18) 100600434(NUDT5)
MCC: 694368(NUDT5) 707061(NUDT18)
MCF: 102118162(NUDT5) 102138807(NUDT18)
CSAB: 103215715(NUDT18) 103237893(NUDT5)
RRO: 104663986(NUDT18) 104664884(NUDT5)
RBB: 108521324(NUDT18) 108538530(NUDT5)
CJC: 100388611(NUDT18) 100414997(NUDT5)
SBQ: 101035792(NUDT5) 101041775(NUDT18)
MMU: 213484(Nudt18) 53893(Nudt5)
RNO: 361068(Nudt18) 361274(Nudt5)
CGE: 100765600(Nudt18) 100772118(Nudt5)
NGI: 103738702(Nudt5) 103747768(Nudt18) 108491232
HGL: 101710430(Nudt18) 101722031(Nudt5)
CCAN: 109682446(Nudt5) 109690459(Nudt18)
OCU: 100341885(NUDT5) 100357274(NUDT18)
TUP: 102479208(NUDT18) 102481118(NUDT5)
CFA: 478006(NUDT5) 609139(NUDT18)
AML: 100473859(NUDT18) 100482621(NUDT5)
UMR: 103673345(NUDT18) 103676270(NUDT5)
ORO: 101364423(NUDT5) 101380890(NUDT18)
FCA: 101084635(NUDT5) 101090347(NUDT18)
PTG: 102950979(NUDT5) 102972039(NUDT18)
AJU: 106971034(NUDT5) 106981091(NUDT18)
BTA: 509535(NUDT18) 614149(NUDT5)
BOM: 102283030(NUDT5) 102284141(NUDT18)
BIU: 109562537(NUDT18) 109567873(NUDT5)
PHD: 102331579(NUDT5) 102341737(NUDT18)
CHX: 102174220(NUDT5) 102178907(NUDT18)
OAS: 101117473(NUDT18) 101117779(NUDT5)
SSC: 100156061(NUDT18) 100511529(NUDT5)
CFR: 102506081(NUDT5) 102521795(NUDT18)
CDK: 105100309(NUDT5) 105102746(NUDT18)
BACU: 103014516(NUDT5) 103015615(NUDT18)
LVE: 103088541(NUDT5) 103089589(NUDT18)
OOR: 101271940(NUDT5) 101288904(NUDT18)
ECB: 100056631(NUDT18) 100056812(NUDT5)
EPZ: 103563355(NUDT5) 103566265(NUDT18)
EAI: 106826880 106836935(NUDT5) 106847697(NUDT18)
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PALE: 102895562(NUDT5) 102895707(NUDT18)
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MDO: 100013664(NUDT5) 100033092(NUDT18)
SHR: 100913469(NUDT18) 100926504(NUDT5)
OAA: 100084986(NUDT5) 100087230(NUDT18)
GGA: 426368(NUDT5)
MGP: 100538350(NUDT5)
CJO: 107317497(NUDT5) 107323725(NUDT18)
APLA: 101792445(NUDT5)
ACYG: 106046205(NUDT5)
TGU: 100227819(NUDT5)
SCAN: 103813570(NUDT5)
GFR: 102042579(NUDT5)
FAB: 101811306(NUDT5) 107604323(NUDT18)
PHI: 102100920(NUDT5) 102114450(NUDT18)
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CCAE: 111923119(NUDT5)
CCW: 104694502(NUDT5)
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DME: Dmel_CG10898(CG10898)
DER: 6554063
DPE: 6594594
DSI: Dsimw501_GD18763(Dsim_GD18763)
DWI: 6648085
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CBR: CBG08712(Cbr-ndx-1)
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EPA: 110246095
ADF: 107345269
PDAM: 113686343
SPIS: 111328440
AQU: 100631490
SPAR: SPRG_01817
 » show all
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