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Tryptophan metabolism - Homo sapiens (human)
Metabolism; Amino acid metabolism
Pathway map
hsa00380  Tryptophan metabolism

hsa_M00037  Melatonin biosynthesis, animals, tryptophan => serotonin => melatonin [PATH:hsa00380]
hsa_M00038  Tryptophan metabolism, tryptophan => kynurenine => 2-aminomuconate [PATH:hsa00380]
hsa_M00912  NAD biosynthesis, tryptophan => quinolinate => NAD [PATH:hsa00380]
H00178  Glutaric acidemia
H00203  Acatalasemia
H00548  Brunner syndrome
H00689  Delayed sleep phase syndrome
H01161  Aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase deficiency
H01203  Primary congenital glaucoma
H01364  3-Hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency
H01583  Hydroxykynureninuria
H02087  Vertebral, cardiac, renal, and limb defects syndrome
D00505  Phenelzine sulfate (USP)
D00826  Tranylcypromine sulfate (USP)
D01888  Safrazine hydrochloride (JAN)
D02559  Toloxatone (INN)
D02560  Brofaromine (INN)
D02561  Moclobemide (USAN/INN)
D02563  Befloxatone (INN)
D02579  Iproniazid (INN)
D02580  Isocarboxazid (INN)
D03248  Clorgiline (INN)
D03409  Caroxazone (USAN/INN)
D07337  Nialamide (INN)
D07338  Iproclozide (INN)
D08085  Iproniazid phosphate
D08349  Phenelzine (BAN)
D08392  Pirlindole (INN)
D08393  Pirlindole hydrochloride
D08625  Tranylcypromine (INN)
D09973  Telotristat (USAN/INN)
D09975  Telotristat etiprate (USAN)
D10640  Indoximod (USAN/INN)
D11049  Epacadostat (JAN/USAN/INN)
D11255  Navoximod (USAN/INN)
D11317  Rodatristat (USAN)
D11318  Rodatristat ethyl (USAN)
D11412  Linrodostat (USAN)
D11413  Linrodostat mesylate (USAN)
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GO: 0006568 0009851
Homo sapiens (human) [GN:hsa]
6999  TDO2; tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase [KO:K00453] [EC:]
3620  IDO1; indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 1 [KO:K00463] [EC:]
169355  IDO2; indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 2 [KO:K00463] [EC:]
125061  AFMID; arylformamidase [KO:K01432] [EC:]
8564  KMO; kynurenine 3-monooxygenase [KO:K00486] [EC:]
8942  KYNU; kynureninase [KO:K01556] [EC:]
23498  HAAO; 3-hydroxyanthranilate 3,4-dioxygenase [KO:K00452] [EC:]
130013  ACMSD; aminocarboxymuconate semialdehyde decarboxylase [KO:K03392] [EC:]
64577  ALDH8A1; aldehyde dehydrogenase 8 family member A1 [KO:K23234] [EC:]
55526  DHTKD1; dehydrogenase E1 and transketolase domain containing 1 [KO:K15791] [EC:]
1743  DLST; dihydrolipoamide S-succinyltransferase [KO:K00658] [EC:]
1738  DLD; dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase [KO:K00382] [EC:]
2639  GCDH; glutaryl-CoA dehydrogenase [KO:K00252] [EC:]
3030  HADHA; hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase trifunctional multienzyme complex subunit alpha [KO:K07515] [EC:]
1962  EHHADH; enoyl-CoA hydratase and 3-hydroxyacyl CoA dehydrogenase [KO:K07514] [EC:]
1892  ECHS1; enoyl-CoA hydratase, short chain 1 [KO:K07511] [EC:]
3033  HADH; hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase [KO:K00022] [EC:]
39  ACAT2; acetyl-CoA acetyltransferase 2 [KO:K00626] [EC:]
38  ACAT1; acetyl-CoA acetyltransferase 1 [KO:K00626] [EC:]
56267  KYAT3; kynurenine aminotransferase 3 [KO:K00816] [EC:]
883  KYAT1; kynurenine aminotransferase 1 [KO:K00816] [EC:]
51166  AADAT; aminoadipate aminotransferase [KO:K00825] [EC:]
121278  TPH2; tryptophan hydroxylase 2 [KO:K00502] [EC:]
7166  TPH1; tryptophan hydroxylase 1 [KO:K00502] [EC:]
1644  DDC; dopa decarboxylase [KO:K01593] [EC:]
4129  MAOB; monoamine oxidase B [KO:K00274] [EC:]
4128  MAOA; monoamine oxidase A [KO:K00274] [EC:]
217  ALDH2; aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 family member [KO:K00128] [EC:]
224  ALDH3A2; aldehyde dehydrogenase 3 family member A2 [KO:K00128] [EC:]
219  ALDH1B1; aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 family member B1 [KO:K00128] [EC:]
501  ALDH7A1; aldehyde dehydrogenase 7 family member A1 [KO:K14085] [EC:]
223  ALDH9A1; aldehyde dehydrogenase 9 family member A1 [KO:K00149] [EC:]
316  AOX1; aldehyde oxidase 1 [KO:K00157] [EC:]
438  ASMT; acetylserotonin O-methyltransferase [KO:K00543] [EC:]
15  AANAT; aralkylamine N-acetyltransferase [KO:K00669] [EC:]
1543  CYP1A1; cytochrome P450 family 1 subfamily A member 1 [KO:K07408] [EC:]
1544  CYP1A2; cytochrome P450 family 1 subfamily A member 2 [KO:K07409] [EC:]
1545  CYP1B1; cytochrome P450 family 1 subfamily B member 1 [KO:K07410] [EC:]
11185  INMT; indolethylamine N-methyltransferase [KO:K00562] [EC:]
259307  IL4I1; interleukin 4 induced 1 [KO:K03334] [EC:]
26  AOC1; amine oxidase copper containing 1 [KO:K11182] [EC:]
847  CAT; catalase [KO:K03781] [EC:]
C00024  Acetyl-CoA
C00078  L-Tryptophan
C00108  Anthranilate
C00322  2-Oxoadipate
C00328  L-Kynurenine
C00331  Indolepyruvate
C00332  Acetoacetyl-CoA
C00398  Tryptamine
C00463  Indole
C00527  Glutaryl-CoA
C00632  3-Hydroxyanthranilate
C00637  Indole-3-acetaldehyde
C00643  5-Hydroxy-L-tryptophan
C00780  Serotonin
C00877  Crotonoyl-CoA
C00954  Indole-3-acetate
C00955  Indole-3-ethanol
C00978  N-Acetylserotonin
C01111  7,8-Dihydroxykynurenate
C01144  (S)-3-Hydroxybutanoyl-CoA
C01249  7,8-Dihydro-7,8-dihydroxykynurenate
C01252  4-(2-Aminophenyl)-2,4-dioxobutanoate
C01598  Melatonin
C01717  4-Hydroxy-2-quinolinecarboxylic acid
C01987  2-Aminophenol
C02161  2-Aminophenoxazin-3-one
C02172  N-Acetylisatin
C02220  2-Aminomuconate
C02298  N-Acetylindoxyl
C02470  Xanthurenic acid
C02693  (Indol-3-yl)acetamide
C02700  L-Formylkynurenine
C02775  2,3-Dihydroxyindole
C02937  Indole-3-acetaldehyde oxime
C02938  3-Indoleacetonitrile
C03227  3-Hydroxy-L-kynurenine
C03230  (Indol-3-yl)glycolaldehyde
C03453  gamma-Oxalocrotonate
C03574  2-Formylaminobenzaldehyde
C03722  Quinolinate
C03824  2-Aminomuconate semialdehyde
C04409  2-Amino-3-carboxymuconate semialdehyde
C05634  5-Hydroxyindoleacetaldehyde
C05635  5-Hydroxyindoleacetate
C05636  3-Hydroxykynurenamine
C05637  4,8-Dihydroxyquinoline
C05638  5-Hydroxykynurenamine
C05639  4,6-Dihydroxyquinoline
C05640  Cinnavalininate
C05641  5-(3'-Carboxy-3'-oxopropenyl)-4,6-dihydroxypicolinate
C05642  Formyl-N-acetyl-5-methoxykynurenamine
C05643  6-Hydroxymelatonin
C05644  3-Methylindolepyruvate
C05645  4-(2-Amino-3-hydroxyphenyl)-2,4-dioxobutanoate
C05646  5-Hydroxyindolepyruvate
C05647  Formyl-5-hydroxykynurenamine
C05648  5-Hydroxy-N-formylkynurenine
C05651  5-Hydroxykynurenine
C05652  4-(2-Amino-5-hydroxyphenyl)-2,4-dioxobutanoate
C05653  Formylanthranilate
C05654  5-(2'-Formylethyl)-4,6-dihydroxypicolinate
C05655  5-(2'-Carboxyethyl)-4,6-dihydroxypicolinate
C05656  5-(3'-Carboxy-3'-oxopropyl)-4,6-dihydroxypicolinate
C05658  Indoxyl
C05659  5-Methoxytryptamine
C05660  5-Methoxyindoleacetate
C05663  6-Hydroxykynurenate
C05830  8-Methoxykynurenate
C05831  3-Methoxyanthranilate
C05832  5-Hydroxyindoleacetylglycine
C05834  3-Methyldioxyindole
C05835  2-Formaminobenzoylacetate
C05837  Glucobrassicin
C06212  N-Methylserotonin
C06213  N-Methyltryptamine
C08313  Skatole
C10164  Picolinic acid
C16516  Indolylmethylthiohydroximate
C16517  Indolylmethyl-desulfoglucosinolate
C16518  S-(Indolylmethylthiohydroximoyl)-L-cysteine
C17203  N-Hydroxyl-tryptamine
C22006  (R)-(Indol-3-yl)lactate
C22202  2-Oxoindole-3-acetate
Woodward AW, Bartel B
Auxin: regulation, action, and interaction.
Ann Bot 95:707-35 (2005)
hsa00010  Glycolysis / Gluconeogenesis
hsa00400  Phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan biosynthesis
hsa00760  Nicotinate and nicotinamide metabolism
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