K08184                      KO                                     

MFS transporter, MCT family, solute carrier family 16 (monocarboxylic acid transporters), member 7
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09183 Protein families: signaling and cellular processes
   02000 Transporters
    K08184  SLC16A7; MFS transporter, MCT family, solute carrier family 16 (monocarboxylic acid transporters), member 7
Transporters [BR:ko02000]
 Solute carrier family (SLC)
  SLC16: Monocarboxylate transporter
   K08184  SLC16A7; MFS transporter, MCT family, solute carrier family 16 (monocarboxylic acid transporters), member 7
 Major facilitator superfamily (MFS)
  Organic acid transporters
   Monocarboxylate transporter (MCT) family
    K08184  SLC16A7; MFS transporter, MCT family, solute carrier family 16 (monocarboxylic acid transporters), member 7
BRITE hierarchy
HSA: 9194(SLC16A7)
PTR: 467047(SLC16A7)
PPS: 100968753(SLC16A7)
GGO: 101124298(SLC16A7)
PON: 100171480(SLC16A7)
NLE: 100587763(SLC16A7)
MCC: 716540(SLC16A7)
MCF: 101925081(SLC16A7)
CSAB: 103238614(SLC16A7)
RRO: 104658525(SLC16A7)
RBB: 108541337(SLC16A7)
CJC: 100410960(SLC16A7)
SBQ: 101047132(SLC16A7)
MMU: 20503(Slc16a7)
MCAL: 110303565(Slc16a7)
MPAH: 110326800(Slc16a7)
RNO: 29735(Slc16a7)
MUN: 110559155(Slc16a7)
CGE: 100768407(Slc16a7)
NGI: 103744409(Slc16a7)
HGL: 101722497(Slc16a7)
CCAN: 109686448
OCU: 100342490(SLC16A7)
TUP: 102486496(SLC16A7)
CFA: 481138(SLC16A7)
VVP: 112922321(SLC16A7)
AML: 100464845(SLC16A7)
UMR: 103656946(SLC16A7)
UAH: 113256349(SLC16A7)
ORO: 101386431(SLC16A7)
ELK: 111160201
FCA: 101084120(SLC16A7)
PTG: 102948589(SLC16A7)
PPAD: 109270405(SLC16A7)
AJU: 106975881(SLC16A7)
BTA: 614573(SLC16A7)
BOM: 102282189(SLC16A7)
BIU: 109559293(SLC16A7)
BBUB: 102390526(SLC16A7)
CHX: 102191307(SLC16A7)
OAS: 101113834(SLC16A7)
SSC: 100158241(SLC16A7)
CFR: 102516681(SLC16A7)
CDK: 105100317(SLC16A7)
BACU: 103005827(SLC16A7)
LVE: 103081994(SLC16A7)
OOR: 101286719(SLC16A7)
DLE: 111173810(SLC16A7)
PCAD: 102978776(SLC16A7)
ECB: 100051223(SLC16A7)
EPZ: 103556121(SLC16A7)
EAI: 106833031(SLC16A7)
MYB: 102241896(SLC16A7)
MYD: 102756711(SLC16A7)
MNA: 107546183(SLC16A7)
HAI: 109390713(SLC16A7)
DRO: 112319073(SLC16A7)
PALE: 102891179(SLC16A7)
RAY: 107520992(SLC16A7)
MJV: 108408937(SLC16A7)
LAV: 100659304(SLC16A7)
TMU: 101354489
MDO: 100018727(SLC16A7)
SHR: 100923553
PCW: 110211003(SLC16A7)
OAA: 100085103(SLC16A7)
GGA: 416086(MCT2L) 417815(SLC16A7)
MGP: 100541895(SLC16A7) 100550455
CJO: 107309989(SLC16A7) 107319997
NMEL: 110392723(SLC16A7) 110404924
APLA: 101797576 101800546(SLC16A7)
ACYG: 106035426 106047360(SLC16A7)
TGU: 100227587(SLC16A7) 100228408
LSR: 110479880(SLC16A7) 110482051
SCAN: 103817080 103820388(SLC16A7)
GFR: 102031493(SLC16A7) 102042728
FAB: 101805909(SLC16A7) 101808279
PHI: 102109345(SLC16A7) 102114655
PMAJ: 107204748(SLC16A7) 107210308
CCAE: 111932292(SLC16A7) 111934983
FPG: 101912879(SLC16A7) 101920748
FCH: 102049506 102055563(SLC16A7)
CLV: 102091171(SLC16A7) 102093310
EGZ: 104133040(SLC16A7) 104134741
NNI: 104015929(SLC16A7) 104016997
ACUN: 113484869 113487664(SLC16A7)
PADL: 103919981(SLC16A7) 103921823
AAM: 106488384(SLC16A7) 106494606
ASN: 102370217(SLC16A7) 102383627
AMJ: 102560835 102566365(SLC16A7)
PSS: 102446585 102458210(SLC16A7)
CMY: 102943352(SLC16A7) 102947596
CPIC: 101939111(SLC16A7) 101950129
ACS: 100555268(slc16a7) 100555397
PVT: 110079991(SLC16A7) 110089505
PMUA: 114591858 114604969(SLC16A7)
XTR: 100127205(slc16a7) 100491288
DRE: 561188(zgc:165507) 641419(slc16a7)
PHYP: 113530302 113531755(slc16a7) 113539669
AMEX: 103022498 103037399(slc16a7) 103047734
XMA: 102221348(slc16a7) 102225318
XCO: 114136305 114160871(slc16a7)
PRET: 103459699(slc16a7) 103465047 103467947
NFU: 107381814(slc16a7) 107385437
ALIM: 106518521 106519279 106531222(slc16a7)
AOCE: 111572112 111586195 111588390(slc16a7)
CSEM: 103382968(slc16a7) 103385342 103386190
SLAL: 111654981 111667277(slc16a7) 111670907
LCM: 102347825 102356601(SLC16A7)
CMK: 103184739(slc16a7)
RTP: 109916472
CIN: 100180147
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Halestrap AP
The SLC16 gene family - structure, role and regulation in health and disease.
Mol Aspects Med 34:337-49 (2013)

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