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Riboflavin metabolism
Metabolism; Metabolism of cofactors and vitamins
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ko00740  Riboflavin metabolism

M00125  Riboflavin biosynthesis, plants and bacteria, GTP => riboflavin/FMN/FAD [PATH:ko00740]
M00911  Riboflavin biosynthesis, fungi, GTP => riboflavin/FMN/FAD [PATH:ko00740]
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GO: 0006771
K01497  GTP cyclohydrolase II [EC:]
K14652  3,4-dihydroxy 2-butanone 4-phosphate synthase / GTP cyclohydrolase II [EC:]
K08096  GTP cyclohydrolase IIa [EC:]
K14653  2-amino-5-formylamino-6-ribosylaminopyrimidin-4(3H)-one 5'-monophosphate deformylase [EC:]
K01498  diaminohydroxyphosphoribosylaminopyrimidine deaminase [EC:]
K00082  5-amino-6-(5-phosphoribosylamino)uracil reductase [EC:]
K11752  diaminohydroxyphosphoribosylaminopyrimidine deaminase / 5-amino-6-(5-phosphoribosylamino)uracil reductase [EC:]
K14654  2,5-diamino-6-(ribosylamino)-4(3H)-pyrimidinone 5'-phosphate reductase [EC:]
K14655  tRNA pseudouridine32 synthase / 2,5-diamino-6-(5-phospho-D-ribitylamino)-pyrimidin-4(3H)-one deaminase [EC:]
K22912  5-amino-6-(5-phospho-D-ribitylamino)uracil phosphatase [EC:]
K20860  FMN hydrolase / 5-amino-6-(5-phospho-D-ribitylamino)uracil phosphatase [EC:]
K20861  FMN hydrolase / 5-amino-6-(5-phospho-D-ribitylamino)uracil phosphatase [EC:]
K20862  FMN hydrolase / 5-amino-6-(5-phospho-D-ribitylamino)uracil phosphatase [EC:]
K21063  5-amino-6-(5-phospho-D-ribitylamino)uracil phosphatase [EC:]
K21064  5-amino-6-(5-phospho-D-ribitylamino)uracil phosphatase [EC:]
K02858  3,4-dihydroxy 2-butanone 4-phosphate synthase [EC:]
K00794  6,7-dimethyl-8-ribityllumazine synthase [EC:]
K00793  riboflavin synthase [EC:]
K00861  riboflavin kinase [EC:]
K20884  riboflavin kinase / FMN hydrolase [EC:]
K11753  riboflavin kinase / FMN adenylyltransferase [EC:]
K07732  riboflavin kinase, archaea type [EC:]
K01078  acid phosphatase [EC:]
K23458  repressible acid phosphatase [EC:]
K01093  4-phytase / acid phosphatase [EC:]
K03788  acid phosphatase (class B) [EC:]
K09474  acid phosphatase (class A) [EC:]
K14379  tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase type 5 [EC:]
K14394  low molecular weight phosphotyrosine protein phosphatase [EC:]
K14410  lysosomal acid phosphatase [EC:]
K00953  FAD synthetase [EC:]
K22949  FAD synthetase [EC:]
K14656  FAD synthetase [EC:]
K01513  ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase family member 1/3 [EC:]
K18453  ADP-ribose/FAD diphosphatase [EC:]
K05901  biliverdin reductase / flavin reductase [EC:]
K00484  flavin reductase (NADH) [EC:]
K22393  flavin reductase (NADH) subunit 1 [EC:]
K22394  flavin reductase (NADH) subunit 2 [EC:]
K23470  4-hydroxyphenylacetate 3-hydroxylase, reductase component [EC:]
K05368  NAD(P)H-flavin reductase [EC:]
K23462  flavin-dependent trigonelline monooxygenase, reductase component [EC:]
K00299  FMN reductase [EC:]
K19285  FMN reductase (NADPH) [EC:]
K19286  FMN reductase [NAD(P)H] [EC:]
K20146  nitrilotriacetate monooxygenase reductase component [EC:]
K04719  5,6-dimethylbenzimidazole synthase [EC:]
K15245  flavin reductase [EC:]
K16902  FAD reductase [NAD(P)H] [EC:]
C00016  FAD
C00044  GTP
C00061  FMN
C00199  D-Ribulose 5-phosphate
C00255  Riboflavin
C00474  Ribitol
C01007  Reduced riboflavin
C01268  5-Amino-6-(5'-phosphoribosylamino)uracil
C01304  2,5-Diamino-6-(5-phospho-D-ribosylamino)pyrimidin-4(3H)-one
C01352  FADH2
C01727  Lumichrome
C01847  Reduced FMN
C03114  Dimethylbenzimidazole
C04332  6,7-Dimethyl-8-(D-ribityl)lumazine
C04454  5-Amino-6-(5'-phospho-D-ribitylamino)uracil
C04732  5-Amino-6-(1-D-ribitylamino)uracil
C05995  7-Hydroxy-6-methyl-8-ribityllumazine
C15556  L-3,4-Dihydroxybutan-2-one 4-phosphate
C15563  2-Amino-5-formylamino-6-(5-phospho-D-ribosylamino)pyrimidin-4(3H)-one
C18910  2,5-Diamino-6-(5-phospho-D-ribitylamino)pyrimidin-4(3H)-one
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