K02741                      KO                                     
20S proteasome subunit beta 9 [EC:]
map03050  Proteasome
H02532  Proteasome-associated autoinflammatory syndrome
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09120 Genetic Information Processing
  09123 Folding, sorting and degradation
   03050 Proteasome
    K02741  PSMB9, LMP2; 20S proteasome subunit beta 9
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09181 Protein families: metabolism
   01002 Peptidases and inhibitors
    K02741  PSMB9, LMP2; 20S proteasome subunit beta 9
  09182 Protein families: genetic information processing
   03051 Proteasome
    K02741  PSMB9, LMP2; 20S proteasome subunit beta 9
Enzymes [BR:ko01000]
 3. Hydrolases
  3.4  Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases)
   3.4.25  Threonine endopeptidases  proteasome endopeptidase complex
     K02741  PSMB9, LMP2; 20S proteasome subunit beta 9
Peptidases and inhibitors [BR:ko01002]
 Threonine peptidases
  Family T1: proteasome family
   K02741  PSMB9, LMP2; 20S proteasome subunit beta 9
Proteasome [BR:ko03051]
 Eukaryotic proteasome
  Core particles (20S proteasome)
   beta type subunits
    K02741  PSMB9, LMP2; 20S proteasome subunit beta 9
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