K04385                      KO                                     

axin 2
ko04310  Wnt signaling pathway
ko04390  Hippo signaling pathway
ko04550  Signaling pathways regulating pluripotency of stem cells
ko04934  Cushing syndrome
ko05010  Alzheimer disease
ko05165  Human papillomavirus infection
ko05200  Pathways in cancer
ko05210  Colorectal cancer
ko05213  Endometrial cancer
ko05217  Basal cell carcinoma
ko05224  Breast cancer
ko05225  Hepatocellular carcinoma
ko05226  Gastric cancer
H00857  Oligodontia-colorectal cancer syndrome
H01667  Medulloblastoma
H02302  Hepatoblastoma
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09130 Environmental Information Processing
  09132 Signal transduction
   04310 Wnt signaling pathway
    K04385  AXIN2; axin 2
   04390 Hippo signaling pathway
    K04385  AXIN2; axin 2
 09140 Cellular Processes
  09144 Cellular community - eukaryotes
   04550 Signaling pathways regulating pluripotency of stem cells
    K04385  AXIN2; axin 2
 09160 Human Diseases
  09161 Cancer: overview
   05200 Pathways in cancer
    K04385  AXIN2; axin 2
  09162 Cancer: specific types
   05210 Colorectal cancer
    K04385  AXIN2; axin 2
   05225 Hepatocellular carcinoma
    K04385  AXIN2; axin 2
   05226 Gastric cancer
    K04385  AXIN2; axin 2
   05217 Basal cell carcinoma
    K04385  AXIN2; axin 2
   05213 Endometrial cancer
    K04385  AXIN2; axin 2
   05224 Breast cancer
    K04385  AXIN2; axin 2
  09164 Neurodegenerative disease
   05010 Alzheimer disease
    K04385  AXIN2; axin 2
  09167 Endocrine and metabolic disease
   04934 Cushing syndrome
    K04385  AXIN2; axin 2
  09172 Infectious disease: viral
   05165 Human papillomavirus infection
    K04385  AXIN2; axin 2
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09182 Protein families: genetic information processing
   03036 Chromosome and associated proteins
    K04385  AXIN2; axin 2
Chromosome and associated proteins [BR:ko03036]
 Eukaryotic type
  Centrosome formation and ciliogenesis proteins
   Other centriole associated proteins
    K04385  AXIN2; axin 2
HSA: 8313(AXIN2)
PTR: 468301(AXIN2)
PPS: 100990800(AXIN2)
GGO: 101154299(AXIN2)
PON: 100431721(AXIN2)
NLE: 100589482(AXIN2)
MCC: 718566(AXIN2)
MCF: 102129656(AXIN2)
CSAB: 103243176(AXIN2)
RRO: 104675432(AXIN2)
RBB: 108517751(AXIN2)
CJC: 100400518(AXIN2)
SBQ: 101036328(AXIN2)
MMU: 12006(Axin2)
MCAL: 110304669(Axin2)
MPAH: 110331423(Axin2)
RNO: 29134(Axin2)
MUN: 110563522(Axin2)
CGE: 100750382(Axin2)
NGI: 103742203(Axin2)
HGL: 101716964(Axin2)
CCAN: 109681311(Axin2)
OCU: 100339765(AXIN2)
TUP: 102493766(AXIN2)
CFA: 490903(AXIN2)
VVP: 112920730(AXIN2)
AML: 100477069(AXIN2)
UMR: 103665908(AXIN2)
UAH: 113265246(AXIN2)
ORO: 101362548(AXIN2)
ELK: 111158088
FCA: 101093061(AXIN2)
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PPAD: 109277160(AXIN2)
AJU: 106975307(AXIN2)
BTA: 511619(AXIN2)
BOM: 102278168(AXIN2)
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SSC: 100739604(AXIN2)
CFR: 102508329(AXIN2)
CDK: 105085712(AXIN2)
BACU: 103006133(AXIN2)
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PADL: 103916718(AXIN2)
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ASN: 102376921(AXIN2)
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PSS: 102451218(AXIN2)
CMY: 102940811(AXIN2)
CPIC: 101951915(AXIN2)
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PVT: 110085879(AXIN2)
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PMUR: 107288332(AXIN2)
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PMUA: 114588192(AXIN2)
GJA: 107105953(AXIN2)
XLA: 108701205 108702158 373619(axin2.L) 447702(axin2.S)
XTR: 100380149(axin2) 116406464
NPR: 108801719(AXIN2) 108804668
DRE: 58080(axin2)
SANH: 107664537(axin2) 107701905
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MALB: 109957969(axin2) 109971522
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SFM: 108936851 108940092(axin2)
PKI: 111843302 111848373(axin2)
LCM: 102346005 102365123(AXIN2)
CMK: 103175739(axin2)
RTP: 109929544(axin2)
AQU: 100616092
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Mai M, Qian C, Yokomizo A, Smith DI, Liu W
Cloning of the human homolog of conductin (AXIN2), a gene mapping to chromosome 17q23-q24.
Genomics 55:341-4 (1999)
Hadjihannas MV, Bruckner M, Behrens J
Conductin/axin2 and Wnt signalling regulates centrosome cohesion.
EMBO Rep 11:317-24 (2010)

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