K05628                      KO                                     

arginine-glutamic acid dipeptide repeats protein
ko04391  Hippo signaling pathway - fly
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 Environmental Information Processing
  Signal transduction
   04391 Hippo signaling pathway -fly
    K05628  RERE; arginine-glutamic acid dipeptide repeats protein
BRITE hierarchy
HSA: 473(RERE)
PTR: 457909(RERE)
PPS: 100967587(RERE)
GGO: 101136763(RERE)
PON: 100442113(RERE)
NLE: 100598277(RERE)
MCC: 708902(RERE)
MCF: 102120555(RERE)
CSAB: 103225653(RERE)
RRO: 104663062(RERE)
RBB: 108517936(RERE)
CJC: 100414290(RERE)
SBQ: 101029565(RERE)
MMU: 68703(Rere)
RNO: 116665(Rere)
CGE: 100770191(Rere)
NGI: 103725147(Rere) 103732256
HGL: 101719915(Rere)
CCAN: 109682335 109682344(Rere)
OCU: 100358540(RERE)
TUP: 102470095(RERE)
CFA: 479596(RERE)
AML: 100477812(RERE)
UMR: 103666879(RERE)
ORO: 101382124(RERE)
FCA: 101096821(RERE)
PTG: 102951349(RERE)
AJU: 106982186(RERE)
BTA: 535394(RERE)
BOM: 102273313(RERE)
BIU: 109570282(RERE)
PHD: 102318125(RERE)
CHX: 102178646(RERE)
OAS: 101114630(RERE)
SSC: 100738753(RERE)
CFR: 102516160(RERE)
CDK: 105106990(RERE)
BACU: 103007723(RERE)
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OOR: 101276013(RERE)
ECB: 100051942(RERE)
EPZ: 103555051(RERE)
EAI: 106844212(RERE) 106847601
MYB: 102248058(RERE)
MYD: 102769224(RERE)
HAI: 109381254(RERE)
RSS: 109455261(RERE)
PALE: 102891463(RERE)
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PSS: 102450422(RERE)
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BPEC: 110164988(rere) 110168614
SFM: 108928239 108933885(rere)
LCM: 102351359(RERE)
CMK: 103184181(rere)
CIN: 100185719
SPU: 579772
APLC: 110982660
SKO: 100368754
DME: Dmel_CG6964(Gug)
DSI: Dsimw501_GD14095(Dsim_GD14095)
MDE: 101889247
AAG: 5576770
AME: 409084
BIM: 100746481
BTER: 100643422
SOC: 105194187
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API: 100168816
DNX: 107170923
ZNE: 110832150
FCD: 110847902
TUT: 107359498
CEL: CELE_C04A2.3(egl-27)
CBR: CBG11165(Cbr-egl-27)
BMY: Bm1_44270
TSP: Tsp_09534
CRG: 105338734
MYI: 110446177
LAK: 106151968
EPA: 110251427
ADF: 107346455
HMG: 100211299
AQU: 105316803
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Waerner T, Gardellin P, Pfizenmaier K, Weith A, Kraut N
Human RERE is localized to nuclear promyelocytic leukemia oncogenic domains and enhances apoptosis.
Cell Growth Differ 12:201-10 (2001)

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