K05868                      KO                                     
G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-B1
map04068  FoxO signaling pathway
map04110  Cell cycle
map04114  Oocyte meiosis
map04115  p53 signaling pathway
map04218  Cellular senescence
map04914  Progesterone-mediated oocyte maturation
map05170  Human immunodeficiency virus 1 infection
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09130 Environmental Information Processing
  09132 Signal transduction
   04068 FoxO signaling pathway
    K05868  CCNB1; G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-B1
 09140 Cellular Processes
  09143 Cell growth and death
   04110 Cell cycle
    K05868  CCNB1; G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-B1
   04114 Oocyte meiosis
    K05868  CCNB1; G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-B1
   04115 p53 signaling pathway
    K05868  CCNB1; G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-B1
   04218 Cellular senescence
    K05868  CCNB1; G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-B1
 09150 Organismal Systems
  09152 Endocrine system
   04914 Progesterone-mediated oocyte maturation
    K05868  CCNB1; G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-B1
 09160 Human Diseases
  09172 Infectious disease: viral
   05170 Human immunodeficiency virus 1 infection
    K05868  CCNB1; G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-B1
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09182 Protein families: genetic information processing
   03032 DNA replication proteins
    K05868  CCNB1; G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-B1
   03036 Chromosome and associated proteins
    K05868  CCNB1; G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-B1
DNA replication proteins [BR:ko03032]
 Eukaryotic type
  DNA Replication Termination Factors
   Prevention of re-replication factors
    K05868  CCNB1; G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-B1
Chromosome and associated proteins [BR:ko03036]
 Eukaryotic type
  Centrosome formation proteins
    K05868  CCNB1; G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-B1
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Pines J, Hunter T
Isolation of a human cyclin cDNA: evidence for cyclin mRNA and protein regulation in the cell cycle and for interaction with p34cdc2.
Cell 58:833-46 (1989)
Miyazaki T, Arai S
Two distinct controls of mitotic cdk1/cyclin B1 activity requisite for cell growth prior to cell division.
Cell Cycle 6:1419-25 (2007)

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