K08396                      KO                                     

Mas-related G protein-coupled receptor member X
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09183 Protein families: signaling and cellular processes
   04030 G protein-coupled receptors
    K08396  MRGPRX; Mas-related G protein-coupled receptor member X
G protein-coupled receptors [BR:ko04030]
 Rhodopsin family
   Mas proto-oncogene and Mas-related (MRGs)
    K08396  MRGPRX; Mas-related G protein-coupled receptor member X
HSA: 117194(MRGPRX2) 117195(MRGPRX3) 117196(MRGPRX4) 259249(MRGPRX1)
PTR: 451070(MRGPRX1) 466454(MRGPRX3) 466456(MRGPRX4) 466465(MRGPRX2)
PPS: 100971673(MRGPRX2) 100972004 100983645(MRGPRX3) 100983984(MRGPRX4)
GGO: 101132846(MRGPRX3) 101133475(MRGPRX4) 101146219 101148734(MRGPRX1)
PON: 100434444(MRGPRX2) 100436682 100450876(MGRG1) 100451252
NLE: 100580540 100581193(MRGPRX1) 100581518(MRGPRX2) 100602115
MCC: 100428055 692077(MRGPRX3) 692078(MRGPRX2) 692101(MRGPRX1) 692123(MRGPRX4)
MCF: 102125889(MRGPRX2) 102126296 102126682(MRGPRX1) 102142380(MRGPRX3) 102143686 107127310
CSAB: 103239012(MRGPRX2) 103239023 103239055 103239284 103239300 103242191
RRO: 104665719 104667640 104681720(MRGPRX2)
CJC: 100387772(MRGPRX1) 100407476(MRGPRX2)
MMU: 233221(Mrgpra1) 233222(Mrgpra3) 233230(Mrgprb4) 233231(Mrgprb1) 235712(Mrgpra2b) 235854(Mrgpra4) 243978(Mrgprx2) 243979(Mrgprb2) 381886(Mrgpra6) 404235(Mrgpra5) 404236(Mrgpra7) 404237(Mrgpra8) 404238(Mrgprb3) 404239(Mrgprb5) 404240(Mrgprb8) 404242(Mrgprx1) 620137(Mrgprb13) 668725(Mrgpra9) 668727(Mrgpra2a)
RNO: 100360209 100361204 100912474 252960(Mrgprx3) 282547(Mrgprx1) 292928(RGD1560730) 404640(Mrgprx2) 404643(Mrgprb13) 404644(Mrgprb5) 404645(Mrgprx2l) 404646(Mrgprc) 404658(Mrgprb4) 502338(Mrgprb2) 691194(Mrgprb3)
CFA: 102155851(MGRH) 485410(MRGPRX2)
VVP: 112911572(MRGPRX2) 112924007(MRGPRE)
AML: 100475424(MRGPRX2)
UMR: 103659397(MRGPRX2) 103671130
UAH: 113264913(MRGPRX2)
ORO: 101377748(MRGPRX2)
ELK: 111149938
FCA: 101097092(MRGPRX2)
PTG: 102950661(MRGPRX2)
BTA: 112444883 516646(MRGPRX2)
BOM: 102276865 102277417(MRGPRX2)
BBUB: 102407062
CHX: 102185985(MRGPRX2) 108634235
SSC: 100736830(MRGPRX2) 102159152
CFR: 102509490(MRGPRX2) 102509947
CDK: 105095359(MRGPRX2) 105104570
BACU: 103005424(MRGPRX1)
LVE: 103071942(MRGPRX2)
DLE: 111184033
PCAD: 102979946(MRGPRX2) 112067449
MJV: 108404048(MRGPRX2)
LAV: 100666829(MRGPRX2) 100673632
XCO: 114137557
SDU: 111236856
SLAL: 111645445
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Lembo PM, Grazzini E, Groblewski T, O'Donnell D, Roy MO, Zhang J, Hoffert C, Cao J, Schmidt R, Pelletier M, Labarre M, Gosselin M, Fortin Y, Banville D, Shen SH, Strom P, Payza K, Dray A, Walker P, Ahmad S
Proenkephalin A gene products activate a new family of sensory neuron--specific GPCRs.
Nat Neurosci 5:201-9 (2002)

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