K09441                      KO                                     

GA-binding protein transcription factor, alpha
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09182 Protein families: genetic information processing
   03000 Transcription factors
    K09441  GABPA; GA-binding protein transcription factor, alpha
Transcription factors [BR:ko03000]
 Eukaryotic type
   Tryptophan clusters Ets-type
    K09441  GABPA; GA-binding protein transcription factor, alpha
HSA: 2551(GABPA)
PTR: 474079(GABPA)
PPS: 100967789(GABPA)
GGO: 101131961(GABPA)
PON: 100438238(GABPA)
NLE: 100585028(GABPA)
MCC: 708312(GABPA)
MCF: 102119058(GABPA)
CSAB: 103217801(GABPA)
RRO: 104678201(GABPA)
RBB: 108517874(GABPA)
CJC: 100406317(GABPA)
SBQ: 101030339(GABPA)
MMU: 14390(Gabpa)
MCAL: 110311265(Gabpa)
MPAH: 110329593(Gabpa)
RNO: 363735(Gabpa)
CGE: 100756649(Gabpa)
NGI: 103745267(Gabpa)
HGL: 101722967(Gabpa)
CCAN: 109696390(Gabpa)
OCU: 100350834(GABPA)
TUP: 102485375(GABPA)
CFA: 478394(GABPA)
VVP: 112917671(GABPA)
AML: 100466575(GABPA)
UMR: 103673069(GABPA)
UAH: 113269545(GABPA)
ORO: 101378219(GABPA)
ELK: 111151816
FCA: 101100659(GABPA)
PTG: 102959525(GABPA)
PPAD: 109277859(GABPA)
AJU: 106983462(GABPA)
BTA: 510204(GABPA)
BOM: 102277691(GABPA)
BIU: 109558827(GABPA)
BBUB: 102392660(GABPA)
CHX: 102188975(GABPA)
OAS: 443478(GABPA)
SSC: 100737779(GABPA)
CFR: 102506237(GABPA)
CDK: 105086809(GABPA)
BACU: 103004328(GABPA)
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TMU: 101358908
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CLV: 102085880(GABPA)
EGZ: 104128209(GABPA)
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ACUN: 113480786(GABPA)
PADL: 103920136(GABPA)
AAM: 106494980(GABPA)
ASN: 102385467(GABPA)
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PSS: 102444850(GABPA)
CMY: 102937456(GABPA)
CPIC: 101953207(GABPA)
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PMUA: 114596009(GABPA)
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XLA: 378601(gabpa.S) 446729(gabpa.L)
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OTW: 112241794(gabpa)
SALP: 111959570(gabpa) 111971728
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SFM: 108938141(gabpa)
PKI: 111855905(gabpa)
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CMK: 103188601(gabpa)
RTP: 109933808(gabpa)
BFO: 118410794
CIN: 778633(gabpalpha)
SPU: 591116
APLC: 110983530
DME: Dmel_CG6338(Ets97D)
DER: 6555189
DSE: 6617100
DSI: Dsimw501_GD18111(Dsim_GD18111)
DSR: 110191264
DPE: 6598654
DMN: 108156046
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LCQ: 111677896
AAG: 5572168
AALB: 109623050
AME: 100578252(Ets97D-like)
BIM: 100741681
BTER: 100649155
CCAL: 108632729
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SOC: 105204952
MPHA: 105839329
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OBO: 105275277
PCF: 106791130
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MDL: 103578698
TCA: 658879(Ets97D)
DPA: 109542935
NVL: 108561150
BMOR: 101742733
BMAN: 114249785
PMAC: 106715218
PRAP: 111002181
HAW: 110377744
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PVM: 113811417
DPTE: 113799812
CSCU: 111640979
PTEP: 107449443
PCAN: 112567678
MYI: 110455186
OBI: 106881061
LAK: 106164129
SHX: MS3_06288
NVE: 5515372
EPA: 110240977
AMIL: 114971423
PDAM: 113680837
SPIS: 111341388
DGT: 114524640
HMG: 100201698
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Wu H, Xiao Y, Zhang S, Ji S, Wei L, Fan F, Geng J, Tian J, Sun X, Qin F, Jin C, Lin J, Yin ZY, Zhang T, Luo L, Li Y, Song S, Lin SC, Deng X, Camargo F, Avruch J, Chen L, Zhou D
The Ets transcription factor GABP is a component of the hippo pathway essential for growth and antioxidant defense.
Cell Rep 3:1663-77 (2013)

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