K10397                      KO                                     

kinesin family member 6/9
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09183 Protein families: signaling and cellular processes
   04812 Cytoskeleton proteins
    K10397  KIF6_9; kinesin family member 6/9
Cytoskeleton proteins [BR:ko04812]
 Eukaryotic cytoskeleton proteins
   Tubulin-binding proteins
     K10397  KIF6_9; kinesin family member 6/9
BRITE hierarchy
Other DBs
GO: 0003777
HSA: 221458(KIF6) 64147(KIF9)
PTR: 462668(KIF6) 741941(KIF9)
PPS: 100985225(KIF6) 100990842(KIF9)
GGO: 101133953(KIF9) 101147952(KIF6)
PON: 100436356(KIF9) 100440078(KIF6)
NLE: 100583118(KIF6) 100584776(KIF9) 105737663
MCC: 711742(KIF9) 719593(KIF6)
MCF: 102115234(KIF6) 102124119(KIF9)
CSAB: 103221548(KIF6) 103227560(KIF9)
RRO: 104671309(KIF9) 104682910(KIF6)
RBB: 108517639(KIF9) 108528365(KIF6)
CJC: 100396143(KIF6) 100403139(KIF9)
SBQ: 101028130(KIF6) 101035251(KIF9)
MMU: 16578(Kif9) 319991(Kif6)
RNO: 171291(Kif6) 501059(Kif9)
CGE: 100768828(Kif9) 100770243(Kif6)
NGI: 103732045(Kif9)
HGL: 101709297(Kif9) 101726252(Kif6)
OCU: 100344656(KIF9) 100346720(KIF6) 100347489
TUP: 102477865(KIF6) 102478638(KIF9)
CFA: 476642(KIF9) 481782(KIF6)
AML: 100466790(KIF9) 105241446
UMR: 103675117(KIF9) 103680881(KIF6)
ORO: 101366091(KIF9) 101367394(KIF6)
FCA: 101096233(KIF6) 101096958(KIF9)
PTG: 102956380(KIF6) 102956494(KIF9)
AJU: 106972780(KIF6) 106987206(KIF9)
BTA: 104968668(KIF6) 508574(KIF9)
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BIU: 109576331(KIF9) 109577360(KIF6)
PHD: 102340370(KIF9) 102344568(KIF6)
CHX: 102170007(KIF6) 102174169(KIF9) 108633438
OAS: 101106209(KIF6) 101113963(KIF9)
SSC: 100514850(KIF6) 110256228(KIF9)
CFR: 102503867(KIF6) 102511985(KIF9)
CDK: 105086765(KIF6) 105103669(KIF9)
BACU: 102997265(KIF9) 103019222(KIF6)
LVE: 103073682(KIF6) 103087162(KIF9)
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ECB: 100064806(KIF9) 100147665(KIF6)
EPZ: 103549593(KIF6) 103551028(KIF9)
EAI: 106823250(KIF9) 106824600(KIF6)
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MYD: 102770018(KIF9) 102774637(KIF6) 107184995
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ACYG: 106029765(KIF6) 106046823(KIF9)
TGU: 100227150(KIF6) 100227495(KIF9)
SCAN: 103813034(KIF9) 103821592
GFR: 102037135(KIF6) 102039497(KIF9)
FAB: 101814991(KIF9) 101821055(KIF6)
PHI: 102100886(KIF6) 102106205(KIF9)
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FPG: 101914142(KIF9) 101914932(KIF6)
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XLA: 108716514 108719798(kif9.S)
XTR: 100127668(kif6) 100492300(kif9)
NPR: 108796016 108802338(KIF9)
DRE: 553436(kif6) 553438(si:dkey-86l18.8)
SRX: 107724392(kif9) 107747245(kif6)
SANH: 107684706(kif9) 107697518(kif6)
SGH: 107566103(kif6) 107591015(kif9)
IPU: 108268153(kif9) 108270189(kif6)
PHYP: 113539998(kif9) 113545105(kif6)
AMEX: 103040223(kif6) 103041620(kif9)
LCO: 104923348(kif6) 104933492(kif9)
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KMR: 108245072(kif6)
CSEM: 103377425(kif6)
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HCQ: 109519934(kif6)
BPEC: 110155348(kif6)
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OTW: 112227931(kif9) 112263433(kif6)
SALP: 111953203(kif9) 111969165
ELS: 105006608(kif6) 105019348(kif9)
SFM: 108936016(kif6) 108942230(kif9)
LCM: 102359385(KIF9) 102360239(KIF6)
CMK: 103172388(kif9) 103189869(kif6) 103191516
SPU: 579747 587003(kif6)
BIM: 100745971
SOC: 105199335
MPHA: 105839972
AEC: 105144227
ACEP: 105617769
PBAR: 105433146
HST: 105188982
DQU: 106751216
CFO: 105259509
LHU: 105672499
TCA: 657359(kinesin-F)
DPA: 109535192
SMIN: v1.2.004738.t1(symbB.v1.2.004738.t1) v1.2.009547.t1(symbB.v1.2.009547.t1) v1.2.009547.t2(symbB.v1.2.009547.t2) v1.2.028331.t1(symbB.v1.2.028331.t1) v1.2.028331.t2(symbB.v1.2.028331.t2)
TCR: 506793.30
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Andrieu G, Quaranta M, Leprince C, Hatzoglou A
The GTPase Gem and its partner Kif9 are required for chromosome alignment, spindle length control, and mitotic progression.
FASEB J 26:5025-34 (2012)
Wu G, Li GB, Dai B
Association of KIF6 variant with lipid level and angiographic coronary artery disease events risk in the Han Chinese population.
Molecules 17:11269-80 (2012)

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