K10449                      KO                                     

kelch-like protein 11
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09182 Protein families: genetic information processing
   04121 Ubiquitin system
    K10449  KLHL11; kelch-like protein 11
Ubiquitin system [BR:ko04121]
 Ubiquitin ligases (E3)
  Multi subunit Ring-finger type E3
   Cul3 complex
    Adoptor and target recognizing subunit (BTB)
     K10449  KLHL11; kelch-like protein 11
HSA: 55175(KLHL11)
PTR: 104001120(KLHL11)
PPS: 100981519(KLHL11)
GGO: 101132177(KLHL11)
PON: 100436967(KLHL11)
NLE: 100595469(KLHL11)
MCC: 708393(KLHL11)
MCF: 101926861(KLHL11)
CSAB: 103243433(KLHL11)
RRO: 104680472(KLHL11)
RBB: 108534661(KLHL11)
CJC: 100402950(KLHL11)
SBQ: 101052223(KLHL11)
MMU: 217194(Klhl11)
MCAL: 110305119(Klhl11)
MPAH: 110331799(Klhl11)
RNO: 287706(Klhl11)
MUN: 110563586(Klhl11)
CGE: 100750471(Klhl11)
NGI: 103735875(Klhl11)
HGL: 101703426(Klhl11)
CCAN: 109695775(Klhl11)
OCU: 100342151(KLHL11)
TUP: 102479337(KLHL11)
CFA: 480520(KLHL11)
VVP: 112910745(KLHL11)
AML: 100477982(KLHL11)
UMR: 103672614(KLHL11)
UAH: 113265441(KLHL11)
ORO: 101367782(KLHL11)
ELK: 111151724
FCA: 101089662(KLHL11)
PTG: 102971615(KLHL11)
PPAD: 109258572(KLHL11)
AJU: 106972597(KLHL11)
BTA: 538695(KLHL11)
BOM: 102287538(KLHL11)
BIU: 109573636(KLHL11)
BBUB: 102394031(KLHL11)
CHX: 102181626(KLHL11)
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SSC: 110256003(KLHL11)
CFR: 102508275(KLHL11)
CDK: 105090444(KLHL11)
BACU: 103004219 103009021(KLHL11)
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RAY: 107513802(KLHL11)
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TMU: 101347061
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EGZ: 104131398(KLHL11)
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PADL: 103919502(KLHL11)
AAM: 106487599(KLHL11)
AMJ: 102557637(KLHL11)
PSS: 102445097(KLHL11) 102455651
CMY: 102930476(KLHL11)
CPIC: 101942118(KLHL11)
ACS: 100562758(klhl11)
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PBI: 103048377(KLHL11)
PMUR: 107303010(KLHL11) 107303012
TSR: 106538247(KLHL11)
PMUA: 114582811(KLHL11)
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DRE: 327313(klhl11)
SRX: 107727952(klhl11) 107746717
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SDU: 111217743(klhl11) 111220445
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SFM: 108941590(klhl11)
PKI: 111855972(klhl11)
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CMK: 103185739(klhl11)
RTP: 109918068(klhl11)
APLC: 110981312
MYI: 110440588
OBI: 106867820
SPIS: 111345513
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Lenihan JA, Saha O, Young PW
Proteomic analysis reveals novel ligands and substrates for LNX1 E3 ubiquitin ligase.
PLoS One 12:e0187352 (2017)

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