K11465                      KO                                     

sex comb on midleg-like protein 2
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09182 Protein families: genetic information processing
   03036 Chromosome and associated proteins
    K11465  SCML2; sex comb on midleg-like protein 2
Chromosome and associated proteins [BR:ko03036]
 Eukaryotic type
  Histone modification proteins
   Polycomb group proteins
    Other polycomb group proteins
     K11465  SCML2; sex comb on midleg-like protein 2
BRITE hierarchy
HSA: 10389(SCML2)
PTR: 473528(SCML2)
PPS: 100979840(SCML2)
GGO: 101153518(SCML2)
PON: 100447059(SCML2)
NLE: 100589249(SCML2)
MCC: 694404(SCML2)
MCF: 102115361(SCML2)
CSAB: 103231674(SCML2)
RRO: 104661308(SCML2)
CJC: 100407422(SCML2)
SBQ: 101028788(SCML2)
MMU: 107815(Scml2)
MCAL: 110286769(Scml2)
MPAH: 110314534(Scml2)
RNO: 367793(Scml2)
CGE: 100751276(Scml2)
NGI: 103735053
HGL: 101712011(Scml2)
CCAN: 109675512(Scml2)
OCU: 103351813(SCML2)
TUP: 102500909(SCML2)
CFA: 480855(SCML2)
VVP: 112919136(SCML2)
AML: 100469055(SCML2)
UMR: 103668159(SCML2)
UAH: 113242257(SCML2)
ORO: 101380787(SCML2)
ELK: 111150512
FCA: 101099691(SCML2)
PTG: 102962267(SCML2)
PPAD: 109256402(SCML2)
AJU: 106981932(SCML2)
BTA: 523477(SCML2)
BOM: 102266251(SCML2)
BIU: 109555487(SCML2)
BBUB: 102402931(SCML2)
OAS: 101108022(SCML2)
SSC: 100519636(SCML2)
CFR: 102518835 106730309(SCML2)
CDK: 105098067(SCML2)
BACU: 103012855(SCML2)
LVE: 103083996 103090299(SCML2)
OOR: 101273584 101278968(SCML2)
DLE: 111167504 111170380(SCML2)
PCAD: 102992565(SCML2)
ECB: 100057593(SCML2)
EPZ: 103541922 103544118(SCML2)
EAI: 106840901(SCML2)
MYB: 102241240(SCML2)
MYD: 102769028(SCML2)
HAI: 109395114(SCML2)
DRO: 112313369(SCML2)
PALE: 102897921(SCML2)
RAY: 107514710(SCML2)
MJV: 108402060(SCML2)
LAV: 100662685(SCML2)
TMU: 101348532
MDO: 100031508(SCML2)
SHR: 100934512(SCML2)
PCW: 110222455(SCML2)
OAA: 100075669(SCML2)
GGA: 418613(SCML2)
MGP: 100539336(SCML2)
CJO: 107325499(SCML2)
NMEL: 110404788(SCML2)
APLA: 101804254(SCML2)
ACYG: 106037837(SCML2)
TGU: 100228898(SCML2)
LSR: 110471600(SCML2)
SCAN: 103815834(SCML2)
GFR: 102039263(SCML2)
FAB: 101811876(SCML2)
PHI: 102110620(SCML2)
PMAJ: 107207119(SCML2)
CCAE: 111922857(SCML2)
CCW: 104686178(SCML2)
ETL: 114065009(SCML2)
FPG: 101924824(SCML2)
FCH: 102047479(SCML2)
CLV: 102096749(SCML2)
EGZ: 104135186(SCML2)
NNI: 104022522(SCML2)
ACUN: 113485366(SCML2)
PADL: 103918234(SCML2)
AAM: 106492010(SCML2)
ASN: 102370065(SCML2)
AMJ: 102558887(SCML2)
PSS: 102459438(SCML2)
CMY: 102936164(SCML2)
CPIC: 101937112(SCML2)
ACS: 100566993(scml2)
PVT: 110076729(SCML2)
PBI: 103067861(SCML2)
TSR: 106545847
PMUA: 114596248(SCML2)
GJA: 107115843
XLA: 108708311(scml2.L) 735037(scml2.S)
XTR: 780057(scml2)
NPR: 108791278(SCML2)
DRE: 559561(scml2)
PHYP: 113530264 113547419(scml2)
AMEX: 103024085 103028396(scml2)
EEE: 113570318(scml2) 113578245
LCO: 104919765 104928288(scml2)
NCC: 104953264(scml2)
MZE: 101479910(scml2) 101481892
OLA: 101171821(scml2) 101175061
XMA: 102219219 102237686(scml2)
XCO: 114143526 114151229(scml2)
PRET: 103462030 103463879(scml2)
CVG: 107094894(scml2) 107102158
NFU: 107381691 107396050(scml2)
KMR: 108228539 108240148(scml2)
ALIM: 106512346(scml2) 106532085
AOCE: 111567337 111581775(scml2)
CSEM: 103379069(scml2)
POV: 109625264(scml2)
LCF: 108878948(scml2) 108887944
SDU: 111223913 111231830(scml2)
HCQ: 109520835(scml2) 109525892
BPEC: 110154779(scml2) 110172940
MALB: 109962100(scml2) 109964612
ELS: 105019918(scml2) 105029430
SFM: 108920596 108933173(scml2)
PKI: 111838176(scml2) 111850265
LCM: 102359047(SCML2)
CMK: 103177493(scml2)
RTP: 109930277
TUT: 107368594
BMY: Bm1_22945
LAK: 106167047
SHX: MS3_06881
ADF: 107335575
HMG: 100214282
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Santiveri CM, Lechtenberg BC, Allen MD, Sathyamurthy A, Jaulent AM, Freund SM, Bycroft M
The malignant brain tumor repeats of human SCML2 bind to peptides containing monomethylated lysine.
J Mol Biol 382:1107-12 (2008)

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