K11487                      KO                                     
polycomb group RING finger protein 1
map04550  Signaling pathways regulating pluripotency of stem cells
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09140 Cellular Processes
  09144 Cellular community - eukaryotes
   04550 Signaling pathways regulating pluripotency of stem cells
    K11487  PCGF1, NSPC1; polycomb group RING finger protein 1
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09182 Protein families: genetic information processing
   03036 Chromosome and associated proteins
    K11487  PCGF1, NSPC1; polycomb group RING finger protein 1
Chromosome and associated proteins [BR:ko03036]
 Eukaryotic type
  Histone modification proteins
   Polycomb group proteins
    Other polycomb group proteins
     K11487  PCGF1, NSPC1; polycomb group RING finger protein 1
HSA: 84759(PCGF1)
PTR: 459338(PCGF1)
PPS: 100986172(PCGF1)
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Gong Y, Wang X, Liu J, Shi L, Yin B, Peng X, Qiang B, Yuan J
NSPc1, a mainly nuclear localized protein of novel PcG family members, has a transcription repression activity related to its PKC phosphorylation site at S183.
FEBS Lett 579:115-21 (2005)

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