K12885                      KO                                     

heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein G
ko03040  Spliceosome
H00658  Syndromic X-linked mental retardation
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09120 Genetic Information Processing
  09121 Transcription
   03040 Spliceosome
    K12885  RBMX, HNRNPG; heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein G
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09182 Protein families: genetic information processing
   03041 Spliceosome
    K12885  RBMX, HNRNPG; heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein G
Spliceosome [BR:ko03041]
 Common components
  Common spliceosomal components
   hnRNP proteins
    K12885  RBMX, HNRNPG; heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein G
HSA: 139804(RBMXL3) 27288(RBMXL2) 27316(RBMX) 494115(RBMXL1)
PTR: 100609298 100609450 104001087(RBMXL1) 104005540 104005546 107971144(RBMXL3) 112206507 112208098 466424(RBMXL2) 736145 736159 736268 736791 736860 738482(RBMX) 740336
PPS: 100973957(RBMX) 100977947 100985685(RBMXL3) 100989362(RBMXL2)
GGO: 101125233(RBMX) 101131277(RBMXL2) 101140955 101154241(RBMXL3) 109023046(RBMXL1)
PON: 100435921(RBMXL2) 100436251(RBMX) 100449036(RBMXL3) 103892123 112129117(RBMXL1)
NLE: 100595872(RBMX) 100601716(RBMXL3) 100605145(RBMXL2) 105738424(RBMXL1)
MCC: 100424767(RBMXL1) 100430818(RBMXL2) 106995411 106995413 106995447 693881(RBMX) 708543(RBMXL3)
MCF: 101864797(RBMX) 101865528(RBMXL2) 102123021(RBMXL3)
CSAB: 103224482(RBMXL1) 103232518(RBMXL3) 103232644(RBMX) 103241137(RBMXL2) 103247005 103247018
RRO: 104656309 104656850 104660668(RBMXL2) 104664602(RBMXL1) 104671082 104673734(RBMX) 104675603 104681668 115895642
CJC: 100385445(RBMX) 100400516(RBMY) 100406653(RBMX) 100415631(RBMXL2)
MMU: 19655(Rbmx) 19656(Rbmxl1) 76572(Rbmxl2)
MCAL: 110286484(Rbmx) 110298670(Rbmxl2) 110299844
MPAH: 110313381(Rbmx) 110324742(Rbmxl2) 110337469
RNO: 103690209(Rbmxl2) 302855(Rbmx) 307779(Rbmxrtl) 680944(Rbmxl1)
NGI: 103729399 103740149(Rbmx) 103748912(Rbmxl2)
HGL: 101699169(Rbmx) 101711265(Rbmxl2) 101712830
CCAN: 109678618(Rbmxl2) 109694292(Rbmx)
TUP: 102487767(RBMX) 102497007
CFA: 100686929 481063(RBMX)
AML: 100467413(RBMX) 105241866(RBMXL2)
UMR: 103656602 103672842(RBMX)
UAH: 113241873(RBMX) 113245837(RBMXL2) 113249526
FCA: 101081078(RBMXL2) 101099282(RBMX)
PTG: 102949097(RBMX) 102957751
PPAD: 109250463(RBMX) 109271089(RBMXL2)
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BTA: 509591(RBMX) 617969(RBMXL2)
BOM: 102265759 102269220(RBMX)
BBUB: 102397370(RBMX) 102409348(RBMXL2)
CHX: 102173272(RBMX) 108634523 108637635(RBMXL2)
OAS: 101103540(RBMX) 105611589(RBMXL2) 114111346
SSC: 100158042(RBMX) 110257929
CFR: 102516441 116666453(RBMXL2)
CDK: 105100445(RBMX) 116155380(RBMXL2)
BACU: 103007512 103012043(RBMX)
LVE: 103069449(RBMX) 103085998
OOR: 101274053(RBMX) 101287491(RBMXL2)
DLE: 111164534(RBMX) 111169214(RBMXL2)
PCAD: 102977135(RBMX) 102984170 112063647(RBMXL2)
ECB: 100054583(RBMX) 106783408(RBMXL2)
EPZ: 103543300(RBMX) 103561719
EAI: 106824167 106825786(RBMX) 106843913(RBMXL2)
MYB: 102240981 102260097(RBMX)
MYD: 102763694(RBMX) 102775167
MNA: 107537826(RBMXL2) 107539941(RBMX) 107546000
HAI: 109376332(RBMXL2) 109396174(RBMX)
PALE: 102881530(RBMXL2) 102884121(RBMX) 102888397
RAY: 107497096(RBMX) 107499121(RBMXL2) 107505196
MJV: 108385401(RBMX) 108387150
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MDO: 100018457 100379645(RBMX)
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PHYP: 113529278(rbmx)
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KMR: 108231412(rbmx)
ALIM: 106515108(rbmx)
AOCE: 111566333(rbmx)
CSEM: 103390774(rbmx)
POV: 109625049(rbmx)
LCF: 108872557(rbmx)
SDU: 111232766(rbmx)
SLAL: 111666376(rbmx)
HCQ: 109511929(rbmx)
BPEC: 110158891(rbmx)
MALB: 109957718(rbmx)
SASA: 100306772(hnrpg) 106611724
ELS: 105028608(rbmx)
PKI: 111835034 111860549(rbmx)
LCM: 102347943(RBMX)
CMK: 103178159(rbmx)
RTP: 109922119(rbmx)
BFO: 118427355
CIN: 100178981
SKO: 100375859
BMOR: 101737756(rrm) 733059(Bmp-2)
PMAC: 106708895
PRAP: 111001177
TNL: 113504925
PVM: 113829873
PCAN: 112555591
MYI: 110448098
LAK: 106151996
EPA: 110245146
ADF: 107354437
AMIL: 114960447
HMG: 100212720
ATH: AT1G60650(AtRZ-1b) AT3G26420(ATRZ-1A) AT5G04280(AtRZ-1c)
CIT: 102613878
LJA: Lj0g3v0121939.1(Lj0g3v0121939.1) Lj4g3v0336700.1(Lj4g3v0336700.1) Lj5g3v2219240.1(Lj5g3v2219240.1)
DOSA: Os03t0681900-01(Os03g0681900) Os03t0836200-01(Os03g0836200)
ATS: 109734016(LOC109734016) 109742847(LOC109742847) 109762230(LOC109762230) 109769764(LOC109769764)
ZMA: 100191289(TIDP3245) 100282673 100283145 100285313(umc1428) 100381912(pco145034)
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Kanhoush R, Beenders B, Perrin C, Moreau J, Bellini M, Penrad-Mobayed M
Novel domains in the hnRNP G/RBMX protein with distinct roles in RNA binding and targeting nascent transcripts.
Nucleus 1:109-22 (2010)

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