K13150                      KO                                     
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09182 Protein families: genetic information processing
   03041 Spliceosome
    K13150  COIL, CLN80; coilin
Spliceosome [BR:ko03041]
 Other splicing related proteins
  Proteins involved in snRNP biogenesis
   Other proteins involved in snRNP biogenesis
    K13150  COIL, CLN80; coilin
HSA: 8161(COIL)
PTR: 455147(COIL)
PPS: 100970673(COIL)
GGO: 101151427(COIL)
PON: 100439429(COIL)
NLE: 100600301(COIL)
MCC: 708103(COIL)
MCF: 101867333(COIL)
MTHB: 126939382
CSAB: 103242876(COIL)
CATY: 105583292(COIL)
PANU: 101001853(COIL)
TGE: 112610216(COIL)
RRO: 104675985(COIL)
RBB: 108530311(COIL)
TFN: 117067273(COIL)
PTEH: 111537613(COIL)
CJC: 100394730(COIL)
SBQ: 101051195(COIL)
CSYR: 103274578(COIL)
MMUR: 105861112(COIL)
LCAT: 123620450(COIL)
OGA: 100960184(COIL)
MMU: 12812(Coil)
MCAL: 110305033(Coil)
MPAH: 110331846(Coil)
RNO: 50998(Coil)
MCOC: 116078300(Coil)
MUN: 110555550(Coil)
CGE: 100760263(Coil)
MAUA: 101834027(Coil)
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MORG: 121456221(Coil)
AAMP: 119812118(Coil)
NGI: 103741489
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AOF: 109830909
NCOL: 116250905
ATR: 18442737
PPP: 112293874
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Carmo-Fonseca M, Ferreira J, Lamond AI
Assembly of snRNP-containing coiled bodies is regulated in interphase and mitosis--evidence that the coiled body is a kinetic nuclear structure.
J Cell Biol 120:841-52 (1993)

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