K13166                      KO                                     
SURP and G-patch domain-containing protein 2
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09182 Protein families: genetic information processing
   03041 Spliceosome
    K13166  SUGP2, SFRS14; SURP and G-patch domain-containing protein 2
Spliceosome [BR:ko03041]
 Other splicing related proteins
  Spliceosome associated proteins (SAPs)
   SR proteins
    K13166  SUGP2, SFRS14; SURP and G-patch domain-containing protein 2
HSA: 10147(SUGP2)
PTR: 468774(SUGP2)
PPS: 100996228(SUGP2)
GGO: 101145800(SUGP2)
PON: 100450316(SUGP2)
NLE: 100584325(SUGP2)
HMH: 116478726(SUGP2)
MCC: 719666(SUGP2)
MCF: 101866647(SUGP2)
MTHB: 126942182
MNI: 105484319(SUGP2)
CSAB: 103234203(SUGP2)
CATY: 105601724(SUGP2)
PANU: 101025968(SUGP2)
TGE: 112613477(SUGP2)
MLEU: 105547182(SUGP2)
RRO: 104680641(SUGP2)
RBB: 108515637(SUGP2)
TFN: 117074825(SUGP2)
PTEH: 111554341(SUGP2)
CANG: 105500363(SUGP2)
CJC: 100386035(SUGP2)
SBQ: 101037470(SUGP2)
CIMI: 108284574(SUGP2)
CSYR: 103275385(SUGP2)
MMUR: 105858348(SUGP2)
LCAT: 123638142(SUGP2)
PCOQ: 105818157(SUGP2)
OGA: 100964804(SUGP2)
MMU: 234373(Sugp2)
MCAL: 110299748(Sugp2)
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LCM: 102364484(SUGP2)
CMK: 103182024
RTP: 109918680
CPLA: 122565500
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Sampson ND, Hewitt JE
SF4 and SFRS14, two related putative splicing factors on human chromosome 19p13.11.
Gene 305:91-100 (2003)
[hsa:10147] [mmu:234373]

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