K15310                      KO                                     

tumor protein p53-inducible nuclear protein 1
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09190 Not Included in Pathway or Brite
  09193 Unclassified: signaling and cellular processes
   99995 Signaling proteins
    K15310  TP53INP1; tumor protein p53-inducible nuclear protein 1
HSA: 94241(TP53INP1)
PTR: 739304(TP53INP1)
PPS: 100983445(TP53INP1)
GGO: 101153631(TP53INP1)
PON: 100439373(TP53INP1)
NLE: 100603091(TP53INP1)
MCC: 700632(TP53INP1)
MCF: 102143329(TP53INP1)
CSAB: 103237155(TP53INP1)
RRO: 104660327(TP53INP1)
RBB: 108539884(TP53INP1)
CJC: 100387799(TP53INP1)
SBQ: 101037010(TP53INP1)
MMU: 60599(Trp53inp1)
MCAL: 110292902(Tp53inp1)
MPAH: 110338780(Tp53inp1)
RNO: 297822(Tp53inp1)
MUN: 110561278(Tp53inp1)
CGE: 100758181(Tp53inp1)
NGI: 103745833(Tp53inp1)
HGL: 101702895(Tp53inp1)
CCAN: 109695601(Tp53inp1)
OCU: 100358157(TP53INP1)
TUP: 102493335(TP53INP1)
CFA: 611710(TP53INP1)
VVP: 112931238(TP53INP1)
AML: 100483378(TP53INP1)
UMR: 103661446(TP53INP1)
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CMK: 103175132(tp53inp1) 103176047
RTP: 109918607 109924270(tp53inp1)
BFO: 118418532
PCAN: 112576420
CRG: 105340553
MYI: 110462517
OBI: 106878606
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Tomasini R, Samir AA, Pebusque MJ, Calvo EL, Totaro S, Dagorn JC, Dusetti NJ, Iovanna JL
P53-dependent expression of the stress-induced protein (SIP).
Eur J Cell Biol 81:294-301 (2002)
Tomasini R, Seux M, Nowak J, Bontemps C, Carrier A, Dagorn JC, Pebusque MJ, Iovanna JL, Dusetti NJ
TP53INP1 is a novel p73 target gene that induces cell cycle arrest and cell death by modulating p73 transcriptional activity.
Oncogene 24:8093-104 (2005)

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