K16641                      KO                                     

hepatoma-derived growth factor
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09183 Protein families: signaling and cellular processes
   00536 Glycosaminoglycan binding proteins
    K16641  HDGF; hepatoma-derived growth factor
Glycosaminoglycan binding proteins [BR:ko00536]
 Heparan sulfate / Heparin
  Growth factors/receptors
   K16641  HDGF; hepatoma-derived growth factor
HSA: 154150(HDGFL1) 3068(HDGF)
PTR: 457404(HDGF) 471867(HDGFL1)
PPS: 100967917(HDGF) 100971169(HDGFL1)
GGO: 101142638(HDGFL1) 101154253(HDGF)
PON: 100451446(HDGFL1) 100453872(HDGF)
NLE: 100580380(HDGFL1) 100584004(HDGF)
MCC: 707149(HDGFL1) 716742(HDGF)
MCF: 102132321(HDGF) 102132773(HDGFL1)
CSAB: 103222068(HDGFL1) 103223825(HDGF)
RRO: 104654794(HDGFL1) 104655869(HDGF)
RBB: 108515532(HDGF) 108523490(HDGFL1)
CJC: 100386981(HDGFL1) 100410775(HDGF)
SBQ: 101033266(HDGFL1) 101037425(HDGF)
MMU: 15191(Hdgf) 15192(Hdgfl1)
MCAL: 110291346(Hdgf) 110308179(Hdgfl1)
MPAH: 110320165(Hdgf) 110334174(Hdgfl1)
RNO: 114499(Hdgf) 171074(Hdgfl1)
MUN: 110558372 110564397(Hdgf)
CGE: 100760697 100761454(Hdgf)
NGI: 103750286(Hdgf)
HGL: 101723126(Hdgf)
CCAN: 109677673 109686216(Hdgf)
OCU: 100339078(HDGF) 100357981 103349702(HDGFL1)
TUP: 102473434(HDGF) 102500656(HDGFL1)
CFA: 100856751(HDGF) 610811(HDGFL1)
VVP: 112918966(HDGF)
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KMR: 108241993(hdgf)
ALIM: 106518128(hdgf)
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HCQ: 109514624
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ELS: 105012716
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PKI: 111853524(hdgf)
LCM: 102349153(HDGF)
DAZ: 108609606
DNV: 115563517
DHE: 111602696
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Dietz F, Franken S, Yoshida K, Nakamura H, Kappler J, Gieselmann V
The family of hepatoma-derived growth factor proteins: characterization of a new member HRP-4 and classification of its subfamilies.
Biochem J 366:491-500 (2002)
Yang J, Everett AD
Hepatoma-derived growth factor binds DNA through the N-terminal PWWP domain.
BMC Mol Biol 8:101 (2007)

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