K16847                      KO                                     

T-lymphoma invasion and metastasis-inducing protein 2
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09190 Not Included in Pathway or Brite
  09193 Unclassified: signaling and cellular processes
   99995 Signaling proteins
    K16847  TIAM2; T-lymphoma invasion and metastasis-inducing protein 2
BRITE hierarchy
HSA: 26230(TIAM2)
PTR: 472168(TIAM2)
PPS: 100974804(TIAM2)
GGO: 101127390(TIAM2)
PON: 100450841(TIAM2)
NLE: 100598161(TIAM2)
MCC: 701688(TIAM2)
CSAB: 103240764(TIAM2)
RRO: 104657684(TIAM2)
RBB: 108542165(TIAM2)
CJC: 100391318(TIAM2)
SBQ: 101043132(TIAM2)
MMU: 24001(Tiam2)
MCAL: 110312488(Tiam2)
MPAH: 110338049(Tiam2)
RNO: 100362710(Tiam2)
MUN: 110555622(Tiam2)
CGE: 100771450(Tiam2)
NGI: 103739081(Tiam2)
HGL: 101708471(Tiam2)
CCAN: 109677720 109700042(Tiam2)
OCU: 100355556(TIAM2)
TUP: 102487166(TIAM2)
CFA: 484045(TIAM2)
VVP: 112935113(TIAM2)
AML: 100483966(TIAM2)
UMR: 103660908(TIAM2)
UAH: 113259585(TIAM2)
ORO: 101373050
FCA: 101085127(TIAM2)
PTG: 102971181(TIAM2) 107181076
PPAD: 109245330(TIAM2)
AJU: 106986740(TIAM2)
BTA: 100139161(TIAM2)
BOM: 102267761(TIAM2)
BIU: 109564069(TIAM2)
BBUB: 102394221(TIAM2)
CHX: 102168351(TIAM2)
OAS: 101105923(TIAM2)
SSC: 100155014(TIAM2)
CFR: 102505628(TIAM2)
CDK: 105100959(TIAM2)
BACU: 103017197(TIAM2)
LVE: 103081019(TIAM2)
OOR: 101275135(TIAM2)
DLE: 111167255(TIAM2)
ECB: 100061852(TIAM2)
EPZ: 103555037(TIAM2)
EAI: 106824945(TIAM2)
MYB: 102264043(TIAM2)
MYD: 102752632(TIAM2)
MNA: 107527822(TIAM2)
HAI: 109383598(TIAM2)
DRO: 112297135
PALE: 102894150(TIAM2)
RAY: 107516511(TIAM2)
MJV: 108389807 108395901(TIAM2)
LAV: 100658818(TIAM2)
TMU: 101345247
MDO: 100032275(TIAM2)
SHR: 100917340(TIAM2)
PCW: 110208574(TIAM2)
OAA: 100079759(TIAM2)
GGA: 421648(TIAM2)
MGP: 100544801(TIAM2)
CJO: 107311604(TIAM2)
NMEL: 110396005(TIAM2)
APLA: 101791458(TIAM2)
ACYG: 106034251(TIAM2)
TGU: 100223155(TIAM2)
LSR: 110471430(TIAM2)
SCAN: 103820587(TIAM2)
GFR: 102031495(TIAM2)
FAB: 101822177(TIAM2)
PHI: 102111323(TIAM2)
PMAJ: 107201452(TIAM2)
CCAE: 111926729(TIAM2)
CCW: 104689964(TIAM2)
ETL: 114059251(TIAM2)
FPG: 101917139(TIAM2)
FCH: 102059489(TIAM2)
CLV: 102097412(TIAM2)
EGZ: 104131168(TIAM2)
NNI: 104008787(TIAM2)
ACUN: 113478417(TIAM2)
PADL: 103925563(TIAM2)
AAM: 106497976(TIAM2)
ASN: 102371642(TIAM2)
AMJ: 102569703(TIAM2)
PSS: 102459366(TIAM2)
CMY: 102937785(TIAM2)
CPIC: 101942038(TIAM2)
ACS: 100562993
PVT: 110082992(TIAM2)
PMUR: 107293958(TIAM2)
TSR: 106545197(TIAM2) 106550337
PMUA: 114594271(TIAM2)
GJA: 107114195(TIAM2) 107126143
NPR: 108791067(TIAM2)
DRE: 100334442(tiam2a)
IPU: 108257866 108269825(tiam2)
AMEX: 103030128(tiam2) 103030910
EEE: 113570516 113572156(tiam2)
TRU: 101064869 101071335(tiam2)
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NCC: 104950251(tiam2)
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OLA: 101159628(tiam2)
XMA: 102217085(tiam2) 102229623
PRET: 103457169 103458604(tiam2)
CVG: 107092032 107098749(tiam2)
NFU: 107377938 107392547(tiam2)
ALIM: 106519118(tiam2) 106530768
AOCE: 111569648(tiam2) 111576617
CSEM: 103398714(tiam2)
LCF: 108882226 108897962(tiam2)
SDU: 111226114(tiam2) 111236228
SLAL: 111651703(tiam2) 111658519
HCQ: 109526089(tiam2)
BPEC: 110155516(tiam2) 110173661
MALB: 109953277 109964941(tiam2)
ELS: 105015781(tiam2) 105017818
SFM: 108921539(tiam2) 108929282
PKI: 111842155(tiam2) 111851202
LCM: 102345775(TIAM2)
CMK: 103186448(tiam2)
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Chiu CY, Leng S, Martin KA, Kim E, Gorman S, Duhl DM
Cloning and characterization of T-cell lymphoma invasion and metastasis 2 (TIAM2), a novel guanine nucleotide exchange factor related to TIAM1.
Genomics 61:66-73 (1999)

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