K17934                      KO                                     
NADPH oxidase organizer 1
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09182 Protein families: genetic information processing
   04131 Membrane trafficking
    K17934  NOXO1, SNX28; NADPH oxidase organizer 1
  09183 Protein families: signaling and cellular processes
   04990 Domain-containing proteins not elsewhere classified
    K17934  NOXO1, SNX28; NADPH oxidase organizer 1
Membrane trafficking [BR:ko04131]
  NADPH oxidases (Nox) and associated proteins
   Nox associated proteins
    K17934  NOXO1, SNX28; NADPH oxidase organizer 1
Domain-containing proteins not elsewhere classified [BR:ko04990]
 Phox homology (PX) domain-containing proteins
  Sorting nexins
   K17934  NOXO1, SNX28; NADPH oxidase organizer 1
Other DBs
GO: 0016176
HSA: 124056(NOXO1)
PTR: 468090(NOXO1)
PPS: 100967369(NOXO1)
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LERI: 129706706(noxo1b)
BFO: 118414299
BBEL: 109475428
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Cheng G, Lambeth JD
NOXO1, regulation of lipid binding, localization, and activation of Nox1 by the Phox homology (PX) domain.
J Biol Chem 279:4737-42 (2004)
Yamamoto A, Kami K, Takeya R, Sumimoto H
Interaction between the SH3 domains and C-terminal proline-rich region in NADPH oxidase organizer 1 (Noxo1).
Biochem Biophys Res Commun 352:560-5 (2007)

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