K19864                      KO                                     
islet cell autoantigen 1-like protein
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09190 Not Included in Pathway or Brite
  09193 Unclassified: signaling and cellular processes
   99995 Signaling proteins
    K19864  ICA1L; islet cell autoantigen 1-like protein
HSA: 130026(ICA1L)
PTR: 459887(ICA1L)
PPS: 100988049(ICA1L)
GGO: 101153558(ICA1L)
PON: 100445271(ICA1L)
NLE: 100601538(ICA1L)
MCC: 704305(ICA1L)
MCF: 101925106(ICA1L)
CSAB: 103217670(ICA1L)
CATY: 105580060(ICA1L)
PANU: 101020616(ICA1L)
TGE: 112636127(ICA1L)
RRO: 104680799(ICA1L)
RBB: 108537215(ICA1L)
TFN: 117094635(ICA1L)
PTEH: 111547399(ICA1L)
CJC: 100403692(ICA1L)
SBQ: 101046712(ICA1L)
CSYR: 103256315
MMUR: 105856934(ICA1L)
OGA: 100961399(ICA1L)
MMU: 70375(Ica1l)
MCAL: 110303015(Ica1l)
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MCOC: 116088485(Ica1l)
MUN: 110563647(Ica1l)
CGE: 100764818(Ica1l)
PLEU: 114685749(Ica1l)
NGI: 103736026(Ica1l)
HGL: 101701378(Ica1l)
CPOC: 100723109(Ica1l)
DORD: 105981335(Ica1l)
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AANG: 118213569(ical1)
LOC: 102688870(ica1l)
PSPA: 121322107(ical1) 121323159
LCM: 102353975(ICA1L)
CMK: 103186704(ical1)
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He J, Xia M, Tsang WH, Chow KL, Xia J
ICA1L forms BAR-domain complexes with PICK1 and is crucial for acrosome formation in spermiogenesis.
J Cell Sci 128:3822-36 (2015)
Hadano S, Hand CK, Osuga H, Yanagisawa Y, Otomo A, Devon RS, Miyamoto N, Showguchi-Miyata J, Okada Y, Singaraja R, Figlewicz DA, Kwiatkowski T, Hosler BA, Sagie T, Skaug J, Nasir J, Brown RH Jr, Scherer SW, Rouleau GA, Hayden MR, Ikeda JE.
A gene encoding a putative GTPase regulator is mutated in familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 2.
Nat Genet 29:166-73 (2001)

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