K20778                      KO                                     

RAD51-associated protein 1
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09182 Protein families: genetic information processing
   03400 DNA repair and recombination proteins
    K20778  RAD51AP1; RAD51-associated protein 1
DNA repair and recombination proteins [BR:ko03400]
 Eukaryotic type
  DSBR (double strand breaks repair)
   HR (homologous recombination)
    Other HR factors
     K20778  RAD51AP1; RAD51-associated protein 1
HSA: 10635(RAD51AP1)
PTR: 451765(RAD51AP1)
PPS: 100988598(RAD51AP1)
GGO: 101141211(RAD51AP1)
PON: 100459807(RAD51AP1)
NLE: 100606359(RAD51AP1)
MCC: 710918(RAD51AP1)
MCF: 107126424(RAD51AP1)
CSAB: 103218421(RAD51AP1)
RRO: 104658985(RAD51AP1)
RBB: 108536504(RAD51AP1)
CJC: 100391246(RAD51AP1) 100398245
SBQ: 101047337(RAD51AP1) 104651860
MMU: 19362(Rad51ap1)
MCAL: 110296315(Rad51ap1)
MPAH: 110316370(Rad51ap1)
RNO: 689055(Rad51ap1)
MUN: 110545556(Rad51ap1)
CGE: 100772698(Rad51ap1)
NGI: 103727587(Rad51ap1)
HGL: 101724311(Rad51ap1)
CCAN: 109697172(Rad51ap1)
OCU: 100343305(RAD51AP1)
TUP: 102477192(RAD51AP1)
CFA: 611768(RAD51AP1)
VVP: 112917375(RAD51AP1)
AML: 100470103(RAD51AP1)
UMR: 103675751(RAD51AP1)
UAH: 113257998(RAD51AP1)
ORO: 101364659(RAD51AP1)
ELK: 111159775
FCA: 101092194(RAD51AP1)
PTG: 102961501 102968883(RAD51AP1)
PPAD: 109276195(RAD51AP1)
AJU: 106965379(RAD51AP1)
BTA: 615937(RAD51AP1)
BOM: 102271159(RAD51AP1)
BIU: 109559741(RAD51AP1)
BBUB: 102407808(RAD51AP1)
CHX: 102179645(RAD51AP1)
OAS: 101112216(RAD51AP1)
SSC: 100157339(RAD51AP1)
CFR: 102506096(RAD51AP1)
CDK: 105091323(RAD51AP1)
BACU: 103001159(RAD51AP1)
LVE: 103076882(RAD51AP1)
OOR: 101275710(RAD51AP1)
DLE: 111176643(RAD51AP1)
PCAD: 112066354(RAD51AP1)
ECB: 100051365(RAD51AP1)
EPZ: 103557839(RAD51AP1)
EAI: 106831498(RAD51AP1)
MYB: 102241479(RAD51AP1)
MYD: 102756523(RAD51AP1)
MNA: 107538924(RAD51AP1)
HAI: 109392481(RAD51AP1)
DRO: 112302417(RAD51AP1)
PALE: 102891656(RAD51AP1)
RAY: 107513446(RAD51AP1)
MJV: 108391346(RAD51AP1)
LAV: 100669566(RAD51AP1)
TMU: 105756529
MDO: 100019490(RAD51AP1)
SHR: 100914066(RAD51AP1)
PCW: 110218650(RAD51AP1)
OAA: 103165797(RAD51AP1)
GGA: 419042(RAD51AP1)
MGP: 104912535(RAD51AP1)
CJO: 107317984(RAD51AP1)
NMEL: 110390645(RAD51AP1)
APLA: 101803682(RAD51AP1)
ACYG: 106046309(RAD51AP1)
TGU: 101234216(RAD51AP1)
LSR: 110479027(RAD51AP1)
SCAN: 103819599(RAD51AP1)
GFR: 102035188(RAD51AP1)
FAB: 101817192(RAD51AP1)
PHI: 102113644(RAD51AP1)
PMAJ: 107204933(RAD51AP1)
CCAE: 111930031(RAD51AP1)
CCW: 104696172(RAD51AP1)
ETL: 114067079(RAD51AP1)
FPG: 101924160(RAD51AP1)
FCH: 102046228(RAD51AP1)
CLV: 102093981(RAD51AP1)
EGZ: 104124181(RAD51AP1)
NNI: 104021952(RAD51AP1)
ACUN: 113488851(RAD51AP1)
PADL: 103917246(RAD51AP1)
AAM: 106489548(RAD51AP1)
ASN: 102370645(RAD51AP1)
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CPIC: 101940507(RAD51AP1)
PVT: 110087496(RAD51AP1)
PMUR: 107298801
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GJA: 107110409(RAD51AP1)
XLA: 446940(rad51ap1.L)
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MZE: 101478475(rad51ap1)
ONL: 100701754(rad51ap1)
OLA: 101174966(rad51ap1) 105357121
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XCO: 114160873(rad51ap1)
PRET: 103459169(rad51ap1)
CVG: 107085505(rad51ap1)
NFU: 107386239(rad51ap1)
KMR: 108233211(rad51ap1)
ALIM: 106514810(rad51ap1)
AOCE: 111584043
CSEM: 103382706(rad51ap1)
POV: 109632758(rad51ap1)
LCF: 108890207(rad51ap1)
SDU: 111224945(rad51ap1)
SLAL: 111659999(rad51ap1)
HCQ: 109523707(rad51ap1)
BPEC: 110161475(rad51ap1) 110161476
ELS: 105018232(rad51ap1) 105020245
SFM: 108918732(rad51ap1)
PKI: 111857733(rad51ap1)
LCM: 102353594(RAD51AP1)
CMK: 103185573(rad51ap1)
RTP: 109921349(rad51ap1)
SPU: 100892851
APLC: 110975522
SKO: 100376860
PCAN: 112560480
CRG: 105319724
MYI: 110450151
OBI: 106871125
LAK: 106164038
SHX: MS3_04954
NVE: 5514628
EPA: 110245057
ADF: 107346154
AMIL: 114958502
PDAM: 113674967
SPIS: 111337237
DGT: 114534416
HMG: 100213193
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Kovalenko OV, Golub EI, Bray-Ward P, Ward DC, Radding CM
A novel nucleic acid-binding protein that interacts with human rad51 recombinase.
Nucleic Acids Res 25:4946-53 (1997)

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