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Degradation of aromatic compounds
Microorganisms are known to be capable of degrading diverse chemical substances including man-made chemicals in the environment that are mostly aromatic compounds. This diagram illustrates combination patterns of reaction modules for biodegradation of aromatic compounds, consisting of three main types of ring dihydroxylation modules, followed by meta- or ortho-cleavage modules, together with an optional preprocessing module for converting methyl group to carboxyl group on the aromatic ring.
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map01220  Degradation of aromatic compounds

M00174  Methane oxidation, methanotroph, methane => formaldehyde [PATH:map01220]
M00418  Toluene degradation, anaerobic, toluene => benzoyl-CoA [PATH:map01220]
M00419  Cymene degradation, p-cymene => p-cumate [PATH:map01220]
M00533  Homoprotocatechuate degradation, homoprotocatechuate => 2-oxohept-3-enedioate [PATH:map01220]
M00534  Naphthalene degradation, naphthalene => salicylate [PATH:map01220]
M00537  Xylene degradation, xylene => methylbenzoate [PATH:map01220]
M00538  Toluene degradation, toluene => benzoate [PATH:map01220]
M00539  Cumate degradation, p-cumate => 2-oxopent-4-enoate + 2-methylpropanoate [PATH:map01220]
M00540  Benzoate degradation, cyclohexanecarboxylic acid =>pimeloyl-CoA [PATH:map01220]
M00541  Benzoyl-CoA degradation, benzoyl-CoA => 3-hydroxypimeloyl-CoA [PATH:map01220]
M00543  Biphenyl degradation, biphenyl => 2-oxopent-4-enoate + benzoate [PATH:map01220]
M00544  Carbazole degradation, carbazole => 2-oxopent-4-enoate + anthranilate [PATH:map01220]
M00545  Trans-cinnamate degradation, trans-cinnamate => acetyl-CoA [PATH:map01220]
M00547  Benzene/toluene degradation, benzene => catechol / toluene => 3-methylcatechol [PATH:map01220]
M00548  Benzene degradation, benzene => catechol [PATH:map01220]
M00551  Benzoate degradation, benzoate => catechol / methylbenzoate => methylcatechol [PATH:map01220]
M00568  Catechol ortho-cleavage, catechol => 3-oxoadipate [PATH:map01220]
M00569  Catechol meta-cleavage, catechol => acetyl-CoA / 4-methylcatechol => propanoyl-CoA [PATH:map01220]
M00623  Phthalate degradation, phthalate => protocatechuate [PATH:map01220]
M00624  Terephthalate degradation, terephthalate => 3,4-dihydroxybenzoate [PATH:map01220]
M00636  Phthalate degradation, phthalate => protocatechuate [PATH:map01220]
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