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     Sanchez JC, Chiappe D, Converset V, Hoogland C, Binz PA, Paesano S,
     Appel RD, Wang S, Sennitt M, Nolan A, Cawthorne MA, Hochstrasser DF.
     The mouse SWISS-2D PAGE database: a tool for proteomics study of diabetes and 
     Proteomics. 2001 Jan;1(1):136-63. doi: 
     A number of two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-DE) reference maps from mouse 
     samples have been established and could be accessed through the internet. An 
     up-to-date list can be found in WORLD-2D PAGE ( 
     index.html), an index of 2-DE databases and services. None of them were 
     established from mouse white and brown adipose tissues, pancreatic islets, liver 
     nuclei and skeletal muscle. This publication describes the mouse SWISS-2D PAGE 
     database. Proteins present in samples of mouse (C57BI/6J) liver, liver nuclei, 
     muscle, white and brown adipose tissue and pancreatic islets are assembled and 
     described in an accessible uniform format. SWISS-2D PAGE can be accessed through 
     the World Wide Web (WWW) network on the ExPASy molecular biology server 
     ( ch2d/).

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