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     Sanchez JC, Golaz O, Frutiger S, Schaller D, Appel RD, Bairoch A,
     Hughes GJ, Hochstrasser DF.
     The yeast SWISS-2DPAGE database.
     Electrophoresis. 1996 Mar;17(3):556-65. doi: 10.1002/elps.1150170326.
     The systematic sequencing of the yeast genome will soon be completed. A new 
     challenge has been launched by the EUROFAN (European Functional Analysis) project 
     whose goal is to elucidate the physiological and biochemical function of newly 
     discovered open reading frames (ORF) from yeast. One of the approaches is to use 
     protein-based technologies such as two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and 
     protein identification in order to establish a yeast reference map. Modified 
     protein patterns can be compared to the reference map which hopefully will help 
     identify changes related, for example, to growth processes or developmental 
     events. This paper describes the yeast SWISS-2DPAGE database in which charge 
     separation was obtained using immobilized pH gradient (IPG). Proteins identified 
     by gel comparison, amino acid composition analysis and/or microsequencing are 
     recorded and described in an accessible uniform format. We have identified more 
     than one hundred polypeptides, several of which were newly mapped. In addition, 
     the yeast SWISS-2DPAGE database can be freely accessed through the World Wide Web 
     (WWW) network on the ExPASy molecular biology server.

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