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Oxidative phosphorylation - Burkholderia cenocepacia HI2424
Metabolism; Energy metabolism
BRITE hierarchy
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bch00190  Oxidative phosphorylation

Ortholog table
bch_M00144  NADH:quinone oxidoreductase, prokaryotes [PATH:bch00190]
bch_M00149  Succinate dehydrogenase, prokaryotes [PATH:bch00190]
bch_M00151  Cytochrome bc1 complex respiratory unit [PATH:bch00190]
bch_M00153  Cytochrome bd ubiquinol oxidase [PATH:bch00190]
bch_M00155  Cytochrome c oxidase, prokaryotes [PATH:bch00190]
bch_M00157  F-type ATPase, prokaryotes and chloroplasts [PATH:bch00190]
bch_M00417  Cytochrome o ubiquinol oxidase [PATH:bch00190]
Burkholderia cenocepacia HI2424 [GN:bch]
Bcen2424_3033  NAD-dependent epimerase/dehydratase [KO:K00329 K00356] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2249  NADH dehydrogenase subunit A [KO:K00330] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2248  NADH dehydrogenase subunit B [KO:K00331] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2247  NADH dehydrogenase subunit C [KO:K00332] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2246  NADH dehydrogenase subunit D [KO:K00333] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2245  NADH dehydrogenase subunit E [KO:K00334] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2244  NADH dehydrogenase subunit F [KO:K00335] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2243  NADH dehydrogenase subunit G [KO:K00336] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2242  NADH dehydrogenase subunit H [KO:K00337] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2241  NADH dehydrogenase subunit I [KO:K00338] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2240  NADH dehydrogenase subunit J [KO:K00339] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2239  NADH dehydrogenase subunit K [KO:K00340] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2238  NADH dehydrogenase subunit L [KO:K00341] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2072  NADH dehydrogenase subunit M [KO:K00342] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2237  NADH dehydrogenase subunit M [KO:K00342] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2236  NADH dehydrogenase subunit N [KO:K00343] [EC:]
Bcen2424_3873  NADH dehydrogenase [KO:K03885] [EC:]
Bcen2424_4751  FAD-dependent pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase [KO:K03885] [EC:]
Bcen2424_5857  NADH dehydrogenase [KO:K03885] [EC:]
Bcen2424_3936  succinate dehydrogenase subunit A [KO:K00239] [EC:]
Bcen2424_3937  succinate dehydrogenase subunit B [KO:K00240] [EC:]
Bcen2424_6506  succinate dehydrogenase subunit B [KO:K00240] [EC:]
Bcen2424_3934  succinate dehydrogenase subunit C [KO:K00241]
Bcen2424_3935  succinate dehydrogenase subunit D [KO:K00242]
Bcen2424_0441  ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase, iron-sulfur subunit [KO:K00411] [EC:]
Bcen2424_0442  Cytochrome b/b6, N-terminal domain protein [KO:K00412]
Bcen2424_0443  cytochrome c1 [KO:K00413]
Bcen2424_2837  protoheme IX farnesyltransferase [KO:K02257] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2068  cytochrome bo3 quinol oxidase subunit 4 [KO:K02300]
Bcen2424_2842  cytochrome c oxidase, subunit III [KO:K02276] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2846  Cytochrome-c oxidase [KO:K02274] [EC:]
Bcen2424_6538  cytochrome c oxidase, subunit I [KO:K15408] [EC:]
Bcen2424_6539  Cytochrome c, monoheme [KO:K02275] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2847  cytochrome c oxidase, subunit II [KO:K02275] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2844  cytochrome c oxidase assembly protein CtaG/Cox11 [KO:K02258]
Bcen2424_2838  cytochrome oxidase assembly [KO:K02259]
Bcen2424_2069  cytochrome bo3 quinol oxidase subunit 3 [KO:K02299]
Bcen2424_2070  cytochrome bo3 quinol oxidase subunit 1 apoprotein [KO:K02298] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2071  cytochrome bo3 quinol oxidase subunit 2 [KO:K02297] [EC:]
Bcen2424_5478  cytochrome bd quinol oxidase subunit 1 apoprotein [KO:K00425] [EC:]
Bcen2424_6407  cytochrome bd quinol oxidase subunit 1 apoprotein [KO:K00425] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2817  cytochrome bd quinol oxidase subunit 1 apoprotein [KO:K00425] [EC:]
Bcen2424_5479  cytochrome bd quinol oxidase subunit 2 apoprotein [KO:K00426] [EC:]
Bcen2424_6408  cytochrome bd quinol oxidase subunit 2 apoprotein [KO:K00426] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2818  cytochrome bd quinol oxidase subunit 2 apoprotein [KO:K00426] [EC:]
Bcen2424_2819  cyd operon protein YbgT [KO:K00424] [EC:]
Bcen2424_0104  ATP synthase F1 subcomplex alpha subunit [KO:K02111] [EC:]
Bcen2424_0106  ATP synthase F1 subcomplex beta subunit [KO:K02112] [EC:]
Bcen2424_0105  ATP synthase F1 subcomplex gamma subunit [KO:K02115]
Bcen2424_4873  ATP synthase F1, gamma subunit [KO:K02115]
Bcen2424_0103  ATP synthase F1 subcomplex delta subunit [KO:K02113]
Bcen2424_0107  ATP synthase F1 subcomplex epsilon subunit [KO:K02114]
Bcen2424_4874  ATP synthase F1 subcomplex epsilon subunit [KO:K02114]
Bcen2424_0100  ATP synthase F0, A subunit [KO:K02108]
Bcen2424_0102  ATP synthase F0 subcomplex B subunit [KO:K02109]
Bcen2424_0101  ATP synthase F0, C subunit [KO:K02110]
Bcen2424_2417  Inorganic diphosphatase [KO:K01507] [EC:]
Bcen2424_1307  Polyphosphate kinase [KO:K00937] [EC:]
Bcen2424_4191  protein of unknown function DUF344 [KO:K22468] [EC:]
C00001  H2O
C00002  ATP
C00003  NAD+
C00004  NADH
C00007  Oxygen
C00008  ADP
C00009  Orthophosphate
C00013  Diphosphate
C00042  Succinate
C00061  FMN
C00080  H+
C00122  Fumarate
C00390  Ubiquinol
C00399  Ubiquinone
C00524  Cytochrome c
C00536  Triphosphate
Sazanov LA, Hinchliffe P.
Structure of the hydrophilic domain of respiratory complex I from Thermus thermophilus.
Science 311:1430-6 (2006)
Hinchliffe P, Carroll J, Sazanov LA.
Identification of a novel subunit of respiratory complex I from Thermus thermophilus.
Biochemistry 45:4413-20 (2006)
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