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dpo00190                    Pathway                                

Oxidative phosphorylation - Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura
Metabolism; Energy metabolism
Pathway map
dpo00190  Oxidative phosphorylation

dpo_M00143  NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) Fe-S protein/flavoprotein complex, mitochondria [PATH:dpo00190]
dpo_M00146  NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) 1 alpha subcomplex [PATH:dpo00190]
dpo_M00147  NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) 1 beta subcomplex [PATH:dpo00190]
dpo_M00148  Succinate dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) [PATH:dpo00190]
Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura [GN:dpo]
Dpse_GA15341  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03934] [EC:]
Dpse_GA11278  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03935] [EC:]
Dpse_GA25154  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03935] [EC:]
Dpse_GA11380  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03936] [EC:]
Dpse_GA11474  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03937]
Dpse_GA26927  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03937]
Dpse_GA11014  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03938]
Dpse_GA21258  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03939]
Dpse_GA21592  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03940] [EC:]
Dpse_GA15185  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03940] [EC:]
Dpse_GA17794  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03941] [EC:]
Dpse_GA21571  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03942] [EC:]
Dpse_GA30486  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03942] [EC:]
Dpse_GA20825  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03942] [EC:]
Dpse_GA19069  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03943] [EC:]
Dpse_GA19629  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03943] [EC:]
Dpse_GA24655  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03945]
Dpse_GA13724  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03946]
Dpse_GA16771  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03948]
Dpse_GA19615  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03949]
Dpse_GA20535  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03950]
Dpse_GA17565  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03951]
Dpse_GA17610  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03952]
Dpse_GA19302  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03953]
Dpse_GA19526  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03954]
Dpse_GA21583  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03955]
Dpse_GA21720  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03956]
Dpse_GA16708  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11352]
Dpse_GA17457  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K11353]
Dpse_GA15019  uncharacterized protein, isoform B [KO:K03957]
Dpse_GA17837  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03958]
Dpse_GA10242  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03959]
Dpse_GA11862  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03960]
Dpse_GA22016  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03961]
Dpse_GA12146  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03962]
Dpse_GA18962  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03963]
Dpse_GA16565  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03964]
Dpse_GA25406  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03965]
Dpse_GA21363  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03966]
Dpse_GA19291  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11351]
Dpse_GA11610  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03968]
Dpse_GA14410  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K00234] [EC:]
Dpse_GA19081  uncharacterized protein [KO:K00234] [EC:]
Dpse_GA17170  uncharacterized protein [KO:K00235] [EC:]
Dpse_GA20284  uncharacterized protein [KO:K00235] [EC:]
Dpse_GA19764  uncharacterized protein [KO:K00236]
Dpse_GA27966  uncharacterized protein [KO:K00236]
Dpse_GA26173  uncharacterized protein, isoform C [KO:K00236]
Dpse_GA10165  uncharacterized protein [KO:K00237]
Dpse_GA25273  uncharacterized protein [KO:K00411] [EC:]
Dpse_GA13039  uncharacterized protein [KO:K00413]
Dpse_GA18418  uncharacterized protein [KO:K00413]
Dpse_GA18004  uncharacterized protein [KO:K00415]
Dpse_GA27229  uncharacterized protein [KO:K00415]
Dpse_GA27479  Dpse_Ucrh; ucrh, isoform A [KO:K00416]
Dpse_GA17519  uncharacterized protein [KO:K00417]
Dpse_GA20453  uncharacterized protein [KO:K00418]
Dpse_GA21302  uncharacterized protein [KO:K00419]
Dpse_GA13018  uncharacterized protein [KO:K00420]
Dpse_GA26229  uncharacterized protein [KO:K00420]
Dpse_GA18613  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02257] [EC:]
Dpse_GA10478  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K02263]
Dpse_GA27506  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02263]
Dpse_GA13206  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02264]
Dpse_GA10724  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02265]
Dpse_GA10709  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02265]
Dpse_GA28177  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02265]
Dpse_GA28178  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02265]
Dpse_GA14437  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02266]
Dpse_GA25317  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02266]
Dpse_GA25318  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02266]
Dpse_GA12848  uncharacterized protein, isoform B [KO:K02267]
Dpse_GA12710  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K02268]
Dpse_GA16361  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02268]
Dpse_GA21907  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02270]
Dpse_GA14835  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02270]
Dpse_GA25953  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02270]
Dpse_GA15322  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02272]
Dpse_GA20161  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02273]
Dpse_GA16364  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02258]
Dpse_GA17696  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02259] [EC:]
Dpse_GA22906  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K02260]
Dpse_GA23194  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02260]
Dpse_GA25371  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02260]
Dpse_GA29150  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02260]
Dpse_GA17558  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02132]
Dpse_GA10801  Dpse_ATPsyn-beta; ATPsyn-beta [KO:K02133] [EC:]
Dpse_GA18845  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02133] [EC:]
Dpse_GA20479  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K02136]
Dpse_GA22488  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02134]
Dpse_GA28703  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02134]
Dpse_GA21492  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02135]
Dpse_GA18097  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02137]
Dpse_GA20881  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02127]
Dpse_GA14517  uncharacterized protein, isoform F [KO:K02128]
Dpse_GA22433  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02138]
Dpse_GA17372  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K02129]
Dpse_GA18359  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02130]
Dpse_GA19355  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K02140]
Dpse_GA20182  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02140]
Dpse_GA24948  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02140]
Dpse_GA18167  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02131]
Dpse_GA11612  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02145] [EC:]
Dpse_GA28953  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02145] [EC:]
Dpse_GA18641  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02145] [EC:]
Dpse_GA14484  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K02147]
Dpse_GA12092  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02149]
Dpse_GA20878  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02149]
Dpse_GA20975  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02149]
Dpse_GA10614  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02150]
Dpse_GA20901  Dpse_Vha14; Vha14 [KO:K02151]
Dpse_GA26491  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K02151]
Dpse_GA13911  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02151]
Dpse_GA19444  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02152]
Dpse_GA14464  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K02144]
Dpse_GA20518  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02154]
Dpse_GA11714  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02154]
Dpse_GA15764  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02154]
Dpse_GA14320  uncharacterized protein, isoform H [KO:K02154]
Dpse_GA15015  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02154]
Dpse_GA16335  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02155]
Dpse_GA21477  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02155]
Dpse_GA26306  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02155]
Dpse_GA25245  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K02155]
Dpse_GA26304  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K02155]
Dpse_GA20025  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03661]
Dpse_GA26375  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03661]
Dpse_GA15530  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02146]
Dpse_GA18311  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02146]
Dpse_GA20488  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02153]
Dpse_GA13345  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02153]
Dpse_GA11753  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02153]
Dpse_GA11084  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02153]
Dpse_GA20777  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03662]
Dpse_GA25082  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11726] [EC:]
C00001  H2O
C00002  ATP
C00003  NAD+
C00004  NADH
C00007  Oxygen
C00008  ADP
C00009  Orthophosphate
C00013  Diphosphate
C00042  Succinate
C00061  FMN
C00080  H+
C00122  Fumarate
C00390  Ubiquinol
C00399  Ubiquinone
C00524  Cytochrome c
C00536  Triphosphate
Sazanov LA, Hinchliffe P.
Structure of the hydrophilic domain of respiratory complex I from Thermus thermophilus.
Science 311:1430-6 (2006)
Hinchliffe P, Carroll J, Sazanov LA.
Identification of a novel subunit of respiratory complex I from Thermus thermophilus.
Biochemistry 45:4413-20 (2006)
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