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Ribosome biogenesis in eukaryotes - Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura
Ribosomes are the cellular factories responsible for making proteins. In eukaryotes, ribosome biogenesis involves the production and correct assembly of four rRNAs and about 80 ribosomal proteins. It requires hundreds of factors not present in the mature particle. In the absence of these proteins, ribosome biogenesis is stalled and cell growth is terminated even under optimal growth conditions. The primary pre-rRNA transcript is assembled into the 90S pre-ribosome, which contains both 40S and 60S assembly factors. Within this complex, the pre-rRNA is cleaved. pre-60S ribosomes are subjected to several sequential processing steps in the nucleoplasm involving numerous assembly intermediates before it is exported to the cytoplasm and matured into the 60S ribosomal subunit. The pre-40S ribosome is matured to the small ribosomal subunit in the cytoplasm by cleavage.
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dpo03008  Ribosome biogenesis in eukaryotes

Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura [GN:dpo]
Dpse_GA21406  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03115]
Dpse_GA25112  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03115]
Dpse_GA27055  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03115]
Dpse_GA22384  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03115]
Dpse_GA22219  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03097] [EC:]
Dpse_GA11810  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14544]
Dpse_GA21547  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K14545]
Dpse_GA15777  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14546]
Dpse_GA18598  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14548]
Dpse_GA15906  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14549]
Dpse_GA10570  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14550]
Dpse_GA11360  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14552]
Dpse_GA20745  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14553]
Dpse_GA22044  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14554]
Dpse_GA14095  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14555]
Dpse_GA20798  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14556]
Dpse_GA20208  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14557]
Dpse_GA11557  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K14558]
Dpse_GA24976  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14559]
Dpse_GA18489  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14560]
Dpse_GA22540  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14561]
Dpse_GA24481  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14563] [EC:2.1.1.-]
Dpse_GA10632  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14563] [EC:2.1.1.-]
Dpse_GA12569  Dpse_Nop56; Nop56 [KO:K14564]
Dpse_GA28044  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14565]
Dpse_GA17798  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12845]
Dpse_GA24087  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K11131] [EC:5.4.99.-]
Dpse_GA18767  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11129]
Dpse_GA27857  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11128]
Dpse_GA20497  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11130]
Dpse_GA18243  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14566]
Dpse_GA11542  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14567]
Dpse_GA21287  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03685] [EC:]
Dpse_GA17501  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14568] [EC:]
Dpse_GA20548  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14569]
Dpse_GA15175  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K14521] [EC:2.3.1.-]
Dpse_GA10780  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11108]
Dpse_GA23082  uncharacterized protein [KO:K01164] [EC:]
Dpse_GA20782  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03538] [EC:]
Dpse_GA12728  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03537] [EC:]
Dpse_GA21774  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14525] [EC:]
Dpse_GA22553  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14527] [EC:]
Dpse_GA31790  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14527] [EC:]
Dpse_GA11094  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03539] [EC:]
Dpse_GA21025  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14570] [EC:3.1.-.-]
Dpse_GA13257  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14570] [EC:3.1.-.-]
Dpse_GA11877  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14570] [EC:3.1.-.-]
Dpse_GA10162  uncharacterized protein [KO:K13288] [EC:3.1.-.-]
Dpse_GA17195  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12618] [EC:3.1.13.-]
Dpse_GA10268  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12619] [EC:3.1.13.-]
Dpse_GA21331  uncharacterized protein [KO:K06943]
Dpse_GA19643  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14537]
Dpse_GA26447  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14538]
Dpse_GA21172  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K14571]
Dpse_GA24138  uncharacterized protein, isoform B [KO:K14572]
Dpse_GA18446  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14573]
Dpse_GA15547  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11883]
Dpse_GA12719  uncharacterized protein [KO:K07936]
Dpse_GA24037  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K07936]
Dpse_GA25815  uncharacterized protein [KO:K07936]
Dpse_GA28024  uncharacterized protein [KO:K07936]
Dpse_GA28834  uncharacterized protein [KO:K07936]
Dpse_GA23544  uncharacterized protein [KO:K07936]
Dpse_GA28023  uncharacterized protein, isoform C [KO:K07936]
Dpse_GA25014  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K07936]
Dpse_GA32393  uncharacterized protein [KO:K07936]
Dpse_GA12246  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K14290]
Dpse_GA17465  uncharacterized protein [KO:K07562]
Dpse_GA14084  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14284]
Dpse_GA25189  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14284]
Dpse_GA30729  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14284]
Dpse_GA11789  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14285]
Dpse_GA14578  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03264]
Dpse_GA21157  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14574]
Dpse_GA17331  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14536] [EC:3.6.5.-]
Dpse_GA13246  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14539] [EC:3.6.1.-]
Dpse_GA19119  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14575]
Dpse_GA21342  uncharacterized protein [KO:K18532] [EC:]
Dpse_GA11126  uncharacterized protein [KO:K07178] [EC:]
Dpse_GA11242  uncharacterized protein [KO:K07179] [EC:]
Dpse_GA30004  Dpse_18SrRNA:GA30004; 18S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01979]
Dpse_GA29359  Dpse_5.8SrRNA:GA29359; 5.8S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01986]
Dpse_GA29358  Dpse_5.8SrRNA:GA29358; 5.8S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01986]
Dpse_GA29388  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29388; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29346  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29346; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29370  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29370; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29380  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29380; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29396  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29396; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29367  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29367; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29390  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29390; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29383  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29383; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29365  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29365; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29356  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29356; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29369  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29369; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29368  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29368; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29363  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29363; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29375  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29375; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29398  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29398; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29384  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29384; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29376  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29376; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29350  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29350; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29395  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29395; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29378  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29378; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29393  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29393; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29400  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29400; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29348  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29348; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29382  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29382; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29366  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29366; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29379  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29379; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29392  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29392; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29394  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29394; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29357  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29357; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29347  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29347; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29391  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29391; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29381  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29381; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29355  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29355; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29397  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29397; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29361  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29361; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29371  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29371; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29373  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29373; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29354  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29354; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29349  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29349; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29377  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29377; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29387  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29387; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29385  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29385; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29372  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29372; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29386  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29386; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29351  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29351; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29362  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29362; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29374  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29374; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29389  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29389; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29399  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29399; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29353  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29353; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29360  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29360; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29364  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29364; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29401  Dpse_5SrRNA:GA29401; 5S ribosomal RNA [KO:K01981]
Dpse_GA29865  Dpse_snoRNA:GA29865; snoRNA:GA29865 [KO:K14483]
Dpse_GA29866  Dpse_snoRNA:GA29866; snoRNA:GA29866 [KO:K14483]
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