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Spliceosome - Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura
After transcription, eukaryotic mRNA precursors contain protein-coding exons and noncoding introns. In the following splicing, introns are excised and exons are joined by a macromolecular complex, the spliceosome. The standard spliceosome is made up of five small nuclear ribonucleoproteins (snRNPs), U1, U2, U4, U5, and U6 snRNPs, and several spliceosome-associated proteins (SAPs). Spliceosomes are not a simple stable complex, but a dynamic family of particles that assemble on the mRNA precursor and help fold it into a conformation that allows transesterification to proceed. Various spliceosome forms (e.g. A-, B- and C-complexes) have been identified.
Genetic Information Processing; Transcription
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dpo03040  Spliceosome

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GO: 0005681
Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura [GN:dpo]
Dpse_GA29979  Dpse_snRNA:U1:7; snRNA:U1:7 [KO:K14276]
Dpse_GA29983  Dpse_snRNA:U2:2; snRNA:U2:2 [KO:K14277]
Dpse_GA29984  Dpse_snRNA:U2:3; snRNA:U2:3 [KO:K14277]
Dpse_GA29988  Dpse_snRNA:U2:7; snRNA:U2:7 [KO:K14277]
Dpse_GA29986  Dpse_snRNA:U2:5; snRNA:U2:5 [KO:K14277]
Dpse_GA29985  Dpse_snRNA:U2:4; snRNA:U2:4 [KO:K14277]
Dpse_GA29987  Dpse_snRNA:U2:6; snRNA:U2:6 [KO:K14277]
Dpse_GA29982  Dpse_snRNA:U2:1; snRNA:U2:1 [KO:K14277]
Dpse_GA29991  Dpse_snRNA:U4:3; snRNA:U4:3 [KO:K14278]
Dpse_GA29993  Dpse_snRNA:U5:1; snRNA:U5:1 [KO:K14279]
Dpse_GA30000  Dpse_snRNA:U6:1; snRNA:U6:1 [KO:K14280]
Dpse_GA30002  Dpse_snRNA:U6:3; snRNA:U6:3 [KO:K14280]
Dpse_GA30001  Dpse_snRNA:U6:2; snRNA:U6:2 [KO:K14280]
Dpse_GA19457  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12811] [EC:]
Dpse_GA20225  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12812] [EC:]
Dpse_GA10497  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12813] [EC:]
Dpse_GA17020  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12815] [EC:]
Dpse_GA19297  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12816]
Dpse_GA19293  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12817]
Dpse_GA20923  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12818] [EC:]
Dpse_GA12820  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12819]
Dpse_GA10763  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12820] [EC:]
Dpse_GA18820  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11086]
Dpse_GA10544  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11087]
Dpse_GA11659  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11096]
Dpse_GA24604  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11088]
Dpse_GA15004  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11097]
Dpse_GA31575  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11097]
Dpse_GA14154  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11098]
Dpse_GA26490  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11099]
Dpse_GA21298  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11093]
Dpse_GA18892  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11095]
Dpse_GA17512  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12821]
Dpse_GA27913  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12822]
Dpse_GA28589  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12823] [EC:]
Dpse_GA10214  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12823] [EC:]
Dpse_GA10556  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12823] [EC:]
Dpse_GA28491  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12823] [EC:]
Dpse_GA27365  uncharacterized protein, isoform D [KO:K12824]
Dpse_GA22827  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K13098]
Dpse_GA12730  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11092]
Dpse_GA18235  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11094]
Dpse_GA14228  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12825]
Dpse_GA10545  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12826]
Dpse_GA15523  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12827]
Dpse_GA25844  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12828]
Dpse_GA17553  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12829]
Dpse_GA12611  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12830]
Dpse_GA17684  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12831]
Dpse_GA25581  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12832]
Dpse_GA12181  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12833]
Dpse_GA21871  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12834]
Dpse_GA19578  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12835] [EC:]
Dpse_GA17536  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12836]
Dpse_GA22177  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12837]
Dpse_GA16338  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12837]
Dpse_GA11385  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12838]
Dpse_GA26436  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12839]
Dpse_GA29081  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12840]
Dpse_GA28475  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12841]
Dpse_GA21718  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12842]
Dpse_GA10305  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12621]
Dpse_GA29226  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12622]
Dpse_GA29224  uncharacterized protein, isoform B [KO:K12622]
Dpse_GA30187  uncharacterized protein, isoform B [KO:K12622]
Dpse_GA22792  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12623]
Dpse_GA19721  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12624]
Dpse_GA21716  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12625]
Dpse_GA12164  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12626]
Dpse_GA15189  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12627]
Dpse_GA20565  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12843]
Dpse_GA19511  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12662]
Dpse_GA14426  uncharacterized protein [KO:K09567] [EC:]
Dpse_GA19924  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12844]
Dpse_GA17798  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12845]
Dpse_GA14932  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12846]
Dpse_GA23380  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12847]
Dpse_GA19780  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11984]
Dpse_GA11083  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12848]
Dpse_GA15773  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12849]
Dpse_GA14052  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12850]
Dpse_GA18477  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12852]
Dpse_GA19239  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12854] [EC:]
Dpse_GA19898  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12855]
Dpse_GA21384  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12856]
Dpse_GA17451  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12857]
Dpse_GA10248  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12858] [EC:]
Dpse_GA15896  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12859]
Dpse_GA18945  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10599] [EC:]
Dpse_GA19946  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12860]
Dpse_GA18571  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12861]
Dpse_GA14743  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12862]
Dpse_GA11429  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12863]
Dpse_GA11299  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12864]
Dpse_GA18066  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03283]
Dpse_GA19632  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03283]
Dpse_GA18881  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03283]
Dpse_GA26189  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03283]
Dpse_GA23772  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03283]
Dpse_GA20564  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03283]
Dpse_GA15430  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12866]
Dpse_GA20940  uncharacterized protein [KO:K06063]
Dpse_GA19432  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12867]
Dpse_GA11568  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12868]
Dpse_GA22854  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12869]
Dpse_GA21951  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12870]
Dpse_GA12606  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12733] [EC:]
Dpse_GA18502  uncharacterized protein [KO:K09564] [EC:]
Dpse_GA13783  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12871]
Dpse_GA13140  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12872]
Dpse_GA27004  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12873]
Dpse_GA16214  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12874]
Dpse_GA10336  uncharacterized protein, isoform B [KO:K12875]
Dpse_GA20384  uncharacterized protein [KO:K13025] [EC:]
Dpse_GA21317  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12876]
Dpse_GA21763  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12877]
Dpse_GA15194  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12878]
Dpse_GA16382  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12879]
Dpse_GA21914  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12880]
Dpse_GA10707  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12881]
Dpse_GA20048  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12882]
Dpse_GA11577  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12883]
Dpse_GA26465  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12741]
Dpse_GA26796  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12741]
Dpse_GA24337  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12886]
Dpse_GA20008  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12890]
Dpse_GA18884  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12891]
Dpse_GA10599  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12893]
Dpse_GA30013  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12896]
Dpse_GA19037  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12896]
Dpse_GA10094  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K12897]
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