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Ubiquitin mediated proteolysis - Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura
Protein ubiquitination plays an important role in eukaryotic cellular processes. It mainly functions as a signal for 26S proteasome dependent protein degradation. The addition of ubiquitin to proteins being degraded is performed by a reaction cascade consisting of three enzymes, named E1 (ubiquitin activating enzyme), E2 (ubiquitin conjugating enzyme), and E3 (ubiquitin ligase). Each E3 has specificity to its substrate, or proteins to be targeted by ubiquitination. Many E3s are discovered in eukaryotes and they are classified into four types: HECT type, U-box type, single RING-finger type, and multi-subunit RING-finger type. Multi-subunit RING-finger E3s are exemplified by cullin-Rbx E3s and APC/C. They consist of a RING-finger-containing subunit (RBX1 or RBX2) that functions to bind E2s, a scaffold-like cullin molecule, adaptor proteins, and a target recognizing subunit that binds substrates.
Genetic Information Processing; Folding, sorting and degradation
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dpo04120  Ubiquitin mediated proteolysis

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GO: 0016567
Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura [GN:dpo]
Dpse_GA30006  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K08770]
Dpse_GA30652  uncharacterized protein [KO:K08770]
Dpse_GA15543  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02927]
Dpse_GA24218  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02977]
Dpse_GA14681  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03178] [EC:]
Dpse_GA11527  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10684] [EC:]
Dpse_GA20416  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10685] [EC:]
Dpse_GA12220  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10686] [EC:]
Dpse_GA15184  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10573] [EC:]
Dpse_GA10491  uncharacterized protein [KO:K06688] [EC:]
Dpse_GA26693  uncharacterized protein [KO:K06689] [EC:]
Dpse_GA15395  uncharacterized protein [KO:K20217] [EC:]
Dpse_GA19810  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K20217] [EC:]
Dpse_GA26087  uncharacterized protein [KO:K20217] [EC:]
Dpse_GA21906  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10575] [EC:]
Dpse_GA26259  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10575] [EC:]
Dpse_GA18185  uncharacterized protein [KO:K04555] [EC:]
Dpse_GA15327  uncharacterized protein, isoform B [KO:K10576] [EC:]
Dpse_GA13211  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10576] [EC:]
Dpse_GA15704  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10577]
Dpse_GA25892  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K10577]
Dpse_GA26902  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10577]
Dpse_GA19156  uncharacterized protein [KO:K04554] [EC:]
Dpse_GA19129  uncharacterized protein [KO:K04552] [EC:]
Dpse_GA26215  uncharacterized protein [KO:K04552] [EC:]
Dpse_GA28328  uncharacterized protein [KO:K04552] [EC:]
Dpse_GA20305  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10579] [EC:]
Dpse_GA14886  uncharacterized protein, isoform B [KO:K10580] [EC:]
Dpse_GA26813  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10581] [EC:]
Dpse_GA15522  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K10582] [EC:]
Dpse_GA18226  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K10582] [EC:]
Dpse_GA28233  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K10582] [EC:]
Dpse_GA20506  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02207] [EC:]
Dpse_GA22561  uncharacterized protein [KO:K02207] [EC:]
Dpse_GA22810  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K10583] [EC:]
Dpse_GA20189  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K10688] [EC:]
Dpse_GA20954  uncharacterized protein [KO:K04649] [EC:]
Dpse_GA28294  uncharacterized protein [KO:K04649] [EC:]
Dpse_GA23466  uncharacterized protein [KO:K04649] [EC:]
Dpse_GA23052  uncharacterized protein [KO:K04649] [EC:]
Dpse_GA19502  Dpse_Bruce; bruce, isoform C [KO:K10586] [EC:]
Dpse_GA19425  uncharacterized protein, isoform C [KO:K10587] [EC:]
Dpse_GA18651  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10588] [EC:]
Dpse_GA17402  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10589] [EC:]
Dpse_GA18543  uncharacterized protein [KO:K04678] [EC:]
Dpse_GA18056  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K05633] [EC:]
Dpse_GA30193  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10590] [EC:]
Dpse_GA16742  uncharacterized protein, isoform H [KO:K10591] [EC:]
Dpse_GA22604  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K10592] [EC:]
Dpse_GA11166  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10595] [EC:]
Dpse_GA28417  uncharacterized protein, isoform C [KO:K10615] [EC:]
Dpse_GA10741  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K10596] [EC:]
Dpse_GA22136  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10597] [EC:]
Dpse_GA18734  uncharacterized protein [KO:K09561] [EC:]
Dpse_GA20560  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10598] [EC:]
Dpse_GA18945  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10599] [EC:]
Dpse_GA15308  uncharacterized protein, isoform C [KO:K10600]
Dpse_GA20050  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K04707] [EC:]
Dpse_GA10370  uncharacterized protein [KO:K04556] [EC:]
Dpse_GA22147  uncharacterized protein, isoform B [KO:K04506] [EC:]
Dpse_GA11985  uncharacterized protein [KO:K04506] [EC:]
Dpse_GA10670  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03175] [EC:]
Dpse_GA14230  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K10144] [EC:]
Dpse_GA20963  uncharacterized protein [KO:K16060]
Dpse_GA23680  uncharacterized protein, isoform B [KO:K16061]
Dpse_GA30491  uncharacterized protein, isoform G [KO:K04706] [EC:2.3.2.-]
Dpse_GA27294  uncharacterized protein, isoform B [KO:K04706] [EC:2.3.2.-]
Dpse_GA15139  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10601] [EC:]
Dpse_GA11825  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10606] [EC:]
Dpse_GA14260  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03868] [EC:]
Dpse_GA22841  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03868] [EC:]
Dpse_GA23017  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03868] [EC:]
Dpse_GA24410  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03868] [EC:]
Dpse_GA15074  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03347]
Dpse_GA10874  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03347]
Dpse_GA14255  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA21386  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA22610  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA22210  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA23292  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA24828  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA25479  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA25480  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA25902  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA26756  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA26757  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA28458  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA28459  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA28460  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA28461  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA28645  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA32779  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA30691  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA32998  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA31969  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03094]
Dpse_GA27349  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03362]
Dpse_GA22024  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03875]
Dpse_GA13429  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10260]
Dpse_GA13508  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03870]
Dpse_GA27687  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03872]
Dpse_GA26968  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03873]
Dpse_GA12133  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03871]
Dpse_GA16511  uncharacterized protein, isoform C [KO:K03869]
Dpse_GA17807  uncharacterized protein, isoform C [KO:K10456]
Dpse_GA19068  uncharacterized protein [KO:K07868]
Dpse_GA21273  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K10609]
Dpse_GA20574  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10610]
Dpse_GA19346  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10571]
Dpse_GA21465  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K10611]
Dpse_GA12695  uncharacterized protein [KO:K10612]
Dpse_GA32155  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03358]
Dpse_GA15898  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03349]
Dpse_GA18074  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03363]
Dpse_GA29186  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03363]
Dpse_GA15568  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03364]
Dpse_GA31601  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03364]
Dpse_GA21606  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03348]
Dpse_GA21205  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03350]
Dpse_GA17093  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K03351]
Dpse_GA26635  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03351]
Dpse_GA28471  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03352]
Dpse_GA19841  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03353]
Dpse_GA22864  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03354]
Dpse_GA28992  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03355]
Dpse_GA10993  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03357]
Dpse_GA24158  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12456]
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