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{PS00088; SOD_MN}
* Manganese and iron superoxide dismutases signature *

Manganese  superoxide dismutase (EC (SODM)  [1] is  one of the three
forms of an enzyme that catalyzes the dismutation  of superoxide radicals. The
four  ligands of  the manganese atom  are  conserved in  all  the  known  SODM
sequences.  These metal ligands are also conserved in the related iron form of
superoxide  dismutases [2,3].  We selected, as  a signature, a short conserved
region which includes two of the four ligands: an aspartate and a histidine.

-Consensus pattern: D-x-[WF]-E-H-[STA]-[FY](2)
                    [D and H are manganese/iron ligands]
-Sequences known to belong to this class detected by the pattern: ALL.
-Other sequence(s) detected in Swiss-Prot: NONE.
-Last update: December 2004 / Pattern and text revised.

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[ 3] Smith M.W., Doolittle R.F.
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