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     Phillips TA, Bloch PL, Neidhardt FC.
     Protein identifications on O'Farrell two-dimensional gels: locations of 55
     additional Escherichia coli proteins.
     J Bacteriol. 1980 Dec;144(3):1024-33. doi: 10.1128/jb.144.3.1024-1033.1980.
     The resolution of proteins from whole-cell homogenates by two-dimensional gel
     electrophoresis is sufficiently reproducible and precise to permit different
     laboratories to exchange information about them. To the previous total of 81 we
     add the locations of 55 Escherichia coli proteins determined with the aid of
     purified proteins and mutant strains supplied by many investigators. The criteria
     used to establish the identifications of protein spots include migration with
     marker proteins, altered position or amount in appropriate mutant or
     plasmid-carrying strains, physiological behavior, and peptide map pattern.

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