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Entry: NP_174849
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Original site: NP_174849 
LOCUS       NP_174849               2254 aa            linear   PLN 14-FEB-2019
DEFINITION  acetyl-CoA carboxylase 1 [Arabidopsis thaliana].
VERSION     NP_174849.2
DBLINK      BioProject: PRJNA116
            BioSample: SAMN03081427
DBSOURCE    REFSEQ: accession NM_103313.4
SOURCE      Arabidopsis thaliana (thale cress)
  ORGANISM  Arabidopsis thaliana
            Eukaryota; Viridiplantae; Streptophyta; Embryophyta; Tracheophyta;
            Spermatophyta; Magnoliophyta; eudicotyledons; Gunneridae;
            Pentapetalae; rosids; malvids; Brassicales; Brassicaceae;
            Camelineae; Arabidopsis.
REFERENCE   1  (residues 1 to 2254)
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  TITLE     Sequence and analysis of chromosome 1 of the plant Arabidopsis
  JOURNAL   Nature 408 (6814), 816-820 (2000)
   PUBMED   11130712
REFERENCE   2  (residues 1 to 2254)
  CONSRTM   NCBI Genome Project
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (14-FEB-2019) National Center for Biotechnology
            Information, NIH, Bethesda, MD 20894, USA
REFERENCE   3  (residues 1 to 2254)
  AUTHORS   Krishnakumar,V., Cheng,C.-Y., Chan,A.P., Schobel,S., Kim,M.,
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  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (18-JUL-2017) Plant Genomics, J. Craig Venter Institute,
            9704 Medical Center Dr, Rockville, MD 20850, USA
  REMARK    Protein update by submitter
REFERENCE   4  (residues 1 to 2254)
  AUTHORS   Krishnakumar,V., Cheng,C.-Y., Chan,A.P., Schobel,S., Kim,M.,
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  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (17-MAY-2016) Plant Genomics, J. Craig Venter Institute,
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  REMARK    Protein update by submitter
REFERENCE   5  (residues 1 to 2254)
  AUTHORS   Swarbreck,D., Lamesch,P., Wilks,C. and Huala,E.
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (18-FEB-2011) Department of Plant Biology, Carnegie
            Institution, 260 Panama Street, Stanford, CA, USA
COMMENT     REVIEWED REFSEQ: This record has been curated by TAIR and Araport.
            The reference sequence is identical to AEE31849.
            On Nov 3, 2005 this sequence version replaced NP_174849.1.
            Method: conceptual translation.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..2254
                     /organism="Arabidopsis thaliana"
     Protein         1..2254
                     /product="acetyl-CoA carboxylase 1"
     Region          37..156
                     /note="Carbamoyl-phosphate synthase L chain, N-terminal
                     domain; pfam00289"
     Region          40..545
                     /note="Biotin carboxylase [Lipid transport and
                     metabolism]; COG0439"
     Region          161..385
                     /note="ATP-grasp domain; cl17255"
     Region          432..539
                     /note="Biotin carboxylase C-terminal domain; pfam02785"
     Region          601..741
                     /note="Biotin carboxyl carrier protein [Coenzyme transport
                     and metabolism, Lipid transport and metabolism]; COG0511"
     Region          679..741
                     /note="The biotinyl-domain or biotin carboxyl carrier
                     protein (BCCP) domain is present in all biotin-dependent
                     enzymes, such as acetyl-CoA carboxylase, pyruvate
                     carboxylase, propionyl-CoA carboxylase, methylcrotonyl-CoA
                     carboxylase, geranyl-CoA carboxylase; cd06850"
     Site            order(701,710..712,719)
                     /note="carboxyltransferase (CT) interaction site"
     Site            711
                     /note="biotinylation site [posttranslational
     Region          744..1485
                     /note="Acetyl-CoA carboxylase, central region; pfam08326"
     Region          1587..2139
                     /note="Carboxyl transferase domain; pfam01039"
     CDS             1..2254
                     /gene_synonym="acetyl-CoA carboxylase 1; AT-ACC1; EMB22;
                     EMBRYO DEFECTIVE 22; GK; GLOSSYHEAD 1; GSD1; GURKE; PAS3;
                     PASTICCINO 3; SENSITIVE TO FREEZING 3; SFR3"
                     /inference="Similar to RNA sequence,
                     /inference="similar to RNA sequence,
                     /note="acetyl-CoA carboxylase 1 (ACC1); FUNCTIONS IN:
                     acetyl-CoA carboxylase activity; INVOLVED IN: in 7
                     processes; LOCATED IN: plasma membrane; EXPRESSED IN: 26
                     plant structures; EXPRESSED DURING: 13 growth stages;
                     CONTAINS InterPro DOMAIN/s: Acetyl-coenzyme A
                     carboxyltransferase, N-terminal (InterPro:IPR011762),
                     Carboxyl transferase (InterPro:IPR000022), Biotin/lipoyl
                     attachment (InterPro:IPR000089), Carbamoyl phosphate
                     synthase, large subunit, N-terminal (InterPro:IPR005481),
                     PreATP-grasp-like fold (InterPro:IPR016185), ATP-grasp
                     fold (InterPro:IPR011761), Biotin carboxylase, C-terminal
                     (InterPro:IPR005482), Single hybrid motif
                     (InterPro:IPR011053), Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase,
                     large subunit, ATP-binding (InterPro:IPR005479),
                     Acetyl-CoA carboxylase, central region
                     (InterPro:IPR013537), Biotin carboxylation domain
                     (InterPro:IPR011764), Biotin-binding site
                     (InterPro:IPR001882), ATP-grasp fold, subdomain 2
                     (InterPro:IPR013816), Acetyl-coenzyme A
                     carboxyltransferase, C-terminal (InterPro:IPR011763),
                     Pre-ATP-grasp fold (InterPro:IPR013817), Rudiment single
                     hybrid motif (InterPro:IPR011054); BEST Arabidopsis
                     thaliana protein match is: acetyl-CoA carboxylase 2
                     (TAIR:AT1G36180.1); Has 35904 Blast hits to 31362 proteins
                     in 3745 species: Archae - 652; Bacteria - 22267; Metazoa -
                     1934; Fungi - 1046; Plants - 1042; Viruses - 0; Other
                     Eukaryotes - 8963 (source: NCBI BLink)."
        1 magsvngnhs avgpginyet vsqvdefcka lrgkrpihsi lianngmaav kfirsvrtwa
       61 yetfgtekai llvgmatped mrinaehiri adqfvevpgg tnnnnyanvq livemaevtr
      121 vdavwpgwgh asenpelpda ldakgiiflg ppassmaalg dkigssliaq aadvptlpws
      181 gshvkippns nlvtipeeiy rqacvyttee aiascqvvgy pamikaswgg ggkgirkvhn
      241 ddevralfkq vqgevpgspi fimkvasqsr hlevqllcdk hgnvsalhsr dcsvqrrhqk
      301 iieegpitva ppetvkkleq aarrlaksvn yvgaatveyl ysmdtgeyyf lelnprlqve
      361 hpvtewiaei nlpaaqvavg mgiplwqipe irrfygiehg ggydswrkts vvafpfdfdk
      421 aqsirpkghc vavrvtsedp ddgfkptsgr vqelsfkskp nvwayfsvks gggihefsds
      481 qfghvfafge sralaianmv lglkeiqirg eirtnvdyti dllhasdyrd nkihtgwlds
      541 riamrvraer ppwylsvvgg alykasatsa avvsdyvgyl ekgqippkhi slvhsqvsln
      601 iegskytidv vrggsgtyrl rmnksevvae ihtlrdggll mqldgkshvi yaeeeaagtr
      661 llidgrtcll qndhdpsklm aetpcklmry lisdnsnida dtpyaevevm kmcmpllspa
      721 sgvihfkmse gqamqageli anldlddpsa vrkaepfhgs fprlglptai sgrvhqrcaa
      781 tlnaarmila gyehkvdevv qdllncldsp elpflqwqec favlatrlpk nlrnmlesky
      841 refesisrns lttdfpakll kgileahlss cdekergale rlieplmsla ksyeggresh
      901 arvivhslfe eylsveelfn dnmladvier mrqlykkdll kivdivlshq giknknklvl
      961 rlmeqlvypn paayrdklir fstlnhtnys elalkasqll eqtklselrs niarslsele
     1021 mftedgenmd tpkrksaine riedlvsasl avedalvglf dhsdhtlqrr vvetyirrly
     1081 qpyvvkdsvr mqwhrsglla swefleehme rkniglddpd tsekglvekr skrkwgamvi
     1141 ikslqflpsi isaalretkh ndyetagapl sgnmmhiaiv ginnqmsllq dsgdedqaqe
     1201 rvnklakilk eeevssslcs agvgviscii qrdegrtpmr hsfhwslekq yyveepllrh
     1261 lepplsiyle ldklkgysni qytpsrdrqw hlytvtdkpv pikrmflrsl vrqatmndgf
     1321 ilqqgqdkql sqtlismaft skcvlrslmd ameelelnah naamkpdhah mflcilreqq
     1381 iddlvpfprr vevnaedeet tvemileeaa reihrsvgvr mhrlgvcewe vrlwlvssgl
     1441 acgawrvvva nvtgrtctvh iyrevetpgr nsliyhsitk kgplhetpis dqykplgyld
     1501 rqrlaarrsn ttycydfpla fgtalellwa sqhpgvkkpy kdtlinvkel vfskpegssg
     1561 tsldlverpp glndfgmvaw cldmstpefp mgrkllvian dvtfkagsfg predafflav
     1621 telacakklp liylaansga rlgvaeevka cfkvgwsdei spengfqyiy lspedherig
     1681 ssviahevkl ssgetrwvid tivgkedgig venltgsgai agayskayne tftltfvsgr
     1741 tvgigaylar lgmrciqrld qpiiltgfst lnkllgrevy sshmqlggpk imgtngvvhl
     1801 tvsddlegvs ailnwlsyip ayvggplpvl apldpperiv eyvpenscdp raaiagvkdn
     1861 tgkwlggifd knsfietleg wartvvtgra klggipvgvv avetqtvmqi ipadpgqlds
     1921 hervvpqagq vwfpdsaakt aqalmdfnre elplfilanw rgfsggqrdl fegilqagst
     1981 ivenlrtyrq pvfvyipmmg elrggawvvv dsqinsdyve myadetargn vlepegtiei
     2041 kfrtkellec mgrldqklis lkaklqdakq seayaniell qqqikarekq llpvyiqiat
     2101 kfaelhdtsm rmaakgviks vvewsgsrsf fykklnrria esslvknvre asgdnlayks
     2161 smrliqdwfc nsdiakgkee awtddqvfft wkdnvsnyel klselraqkl lnqlaeigns
     2221 sdlqalpqgl anllnkveps kreelvaair kvlg
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